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    • hope everyone is well    i just noticed in some shoots that other airbus owners post that most of them have a  clock VOR needles gauge .  Now i have gone through most of my liveries and none of my aircraft have it. Did i mess up installation somewhere along the line? do only some  registrations come with it? I am not sure ...read through the manual but couldn't find anything.     Manuel  
    • hello   my settings are for all planes in patc/x high climb rate and high descent rate, for climb 2500/3000, for descent above FL240 3500, below FL240 3000 and below FL100 2500 ft/min no matter what your speed is during these phases, the main thing is patcx apart when you have a restriction doesn't interupt the phase, and you could expect having the different altitude from atc matching with the calulate profile from the fms  
    • Close this, I rebooted the PC again and now all is well, sorry for posting.
    • Holger, could you do the Aerosoft A321 FSX Version in the Virgin America standard and More West Coast liveries? 

      If so, I can send you photos of what it looks like
    • Hi, I just a few minutes ago bought the A320/321. I now have a black 3rd MCDU that will not turn on on all models from 318 to 321. And the FCP is black. And no FD display on the PFD.   Exact steps:   1. Downloaded the 320/321 2. No AV on my PC ever, Defender always off. 3. Ran the installer as Admin 4. When installed rebooted the PC. 5. Ran the updater and went to 6. Updated A318, 319, 320, & 321 all to 7. Loaded P3D 4.4 and an A320 and now I have a black 3rd MCDU and black screens in the MCP on all models of the Airbus.   So I’m at a loss and can’t fly any of them.   I know I’ll see help soon so thanks in advance.   Jack