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    • After purchase of Ver 2.03 crashes have stopped. Other issues arrived. See photo ofp_climb1: It shows missing climb instruction and missing TOC. Later in the same ofp it shows climb instruction, but missing TOC (ofp_climb2). Maybe identical with waypoint?
    • AP off, A/THR off, recover, resume flight as usual with AP, A/THR on again
    • Falls Interesse besteht kann ich die XE3-Wälder zukünftig durch das neue SAM-Plugin steuerbar machen - dann wären die Wälder technisch dieselben, aber mit einem Klick an verschiedene Umgebungen anpassbar, derzeit sind das sechs Jahreszeiten, SFD Global (v1.1), TerraFlora bzw. TrueEarth, XE3-Standard (bzw O4XP). Steuerung läuft dann über das neue SAM-Plugin direkt aus dem Sim heraus ähnlich wie bei TerraMaxx, nebenbei wäre XE3 dann auch ready for SAM Seasons.     
    • Repaint requests are handled as noted in this post. It's not a good idea to have dozens of default liveries (or more) in the release because it makes the file bigger to download. Better to have the few that are planned with others available on the linked site.  
    • Does exist NZFX AFCAD in somewhere in this planet? Just flew today NZCH rwy 20 to NZFX rwy 15 via waypoints as PEHRR - LASSE - URROA - JEHOO - NOBEY and landed now in NZWD1 (Helicopter area). Before I flew using the FMC default from PMDG 737NGX and landed in NZIR. Now is more weird (lol). I think a NZFX AFCAD is needed.
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