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    • Hello Gary,   So that is likely the problem we're aware of with the Airbus Professional.  As things are at the moment, Ground Speed Mini is not yet implemented so you'll need to perform a "Speed Additive" to solve a slightly lower computed VApp (this is a small bug that we are in the process of correcting).  Basically, just add 5 or 6 knots of speed to what the computed VApp is and that will solve this issue for you - if it doesn't, then there maybe something procedural causing the issue but I don't think that is the case.   You can add the Speed Additive one of two ways:   1.  After you have entered all the landing data in the MCDU, look at the computed VApp Speed in the MCDU, add 5 or 6 knots to it and place the new value into VApp in the MCDU, or   2. After you have entered all the landing data in the MCDU, look at the computed VApp Speed in the MCDU, on the FCU place speed control into the Selected Mode and add 5 or 6 knots to the computed VApp speed and dial the adjusted (higher) speed into the Speed section on the FCU.   By the way, there is a terrific webpage that I'd like to recommend you take some time to go through.  It explains Airbus Operations extremely well.  It's an accident investigation report from the FAA, but it explains Airbus Operations and the information provided is relevant to what we're talking about int his thread (and then some!).  LINK:   There is a series of Articles by Airbus titled "Control your Speed... During Descent, Approach and Landing " which I highly recommend you take a look at:                   Initial Article                   Second Article                   Article Conclusion   Also, there is an Airbus Professional Update coming out soon, and after that Connected Flight Deck will be working extremely well.  I'd like to recommend you come and fly with one of our Connected Flight Deck Captains as there is simply no better way to learn this stuff than to fly and ask questions of those who are experienced with the Airbus, and our proprietary and very popular Server Based Connected Flight Deck (CFD) makes this possible. You just can't beat the experience!  We have three active CFD Captains in your time zone, as well as CFD Captains in different times zones in North America and even Singapore.  To meet up with one of our CFD Captains, simply log into our Discord Server (Aerosoft Discord Server Link: They are all wonderful guys, and all you have to do to get started is log into our Discord Server, go into the Main Meeting Room (or whatever room they are in) and say Hello!  They'll take it from there!    I'm pretty sure the Speed Additive solution will resolve the issue you are experiencing, but please follow up with us in this thread to let us know how you made out.   Best wishes my friend!  
    • I downloaded and reinstalled. I have an SSD drive . I took off from Lukla, returned and turned around and it got stuck and crashed again. The trees I'm referring to are on the approach runway.  I Turned down the autogen trees to medium as well. Mathjis. I got no appcrash in event viewer.
    • Any new updates for the A330?
    • Hi I've been getting this on the speed for quite some time on the A320s. Basically, sometimes, when I'm coming in to land, I get a message shouting SPEED SPEED SPEED, despite me following the speed on the approach to the runway as I normally would.  Usually, the speed then goes right up, as though I've set it to TOGA.  I don't know why because I haven't touched the joystick, and I'm following the speed on approach as I normally would, and putting the flaps down as I normally would.   It's like its shouting at me , yet I haven't changed the way I normally would.  Usually, on approach, I slow the aircraft down, keeping the flaps 'in sync' and its perfect.   Any help would  be good. Gary
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