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    • Uninstall the product from your windows settings -> add or remove programs (Suggested) delete the General folder and .cfg from Documents/Aerosoft folder Download and install the installer from your Aerosoft account This worked for me.
    • It would be appreciated if more step by step details could be provided for a complete fresh install, I find the other post from today a bit vague.   I am planning on a complete fresh install from version I have installed currently. It appears we also need to install a new installer?   Thanks in advance Joe
    • Nach TrueEarth GreatBritain ist jetzt der US Bundesstaat Washington an der Reihe:   Tony will dafür sorgen, dass sich die Flughäfen von Drezewiecki Seattle sich auch mit dem TrueEarth Mesh verstehen, in Bezug auf die Stadt Seattle wird man jedoch keine Kompromisse eingehen. Auch in dieser Gegend wird OrbX mehre eigene Flughäfen anbieten.
    • What's the APU fuel burn modeled to be? It seems awfully high, I'm estimating around 600-800 lbs/hr, but that seems unreasonably high, even for large jetliners.
    • That is 100% correct.  There is no need for Port Forwarding with our Networked CFD, both pilots connect to our server (via MCDU#3).  You also don't need to know the other parties IP address, etc.  It's all handled by the server and no personal or IP address data is ever shared with the other party or their computer.  It's about as seamless as it can be.   Best wishes.  
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