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Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (32 bit, FSX/ P3D V3)

All support and discussion about the Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. Please always only discuss one issue per topic!


  1. General information (no support)

    Prices, Manuals, Update options, General Discussion etc (no support here please)

  2. Updates news and Hotfixes

    This is a read only forum, where we Post the latest Update News as well as Hotfixes

  3. Diverse

    Everything that does not fit anywhere else!

  4. Auto Flight, Manual Flight

    All discussion and support about the flight model, FBW, autopilot flight etc.


    All questions and discussion about navigation, the Navigation Display, Weather Radar, Terrain Display and ECAMS

  6. MCDU (Left side)

    All discussions and questions about the MCDU.

  7. MCDU (Right side)

    All discussion on the Right MCDU that contains all options on checklists, sounds, views and many other settings.

  8. Connected Flight Deck

    Discussions and tutorials about the Connected Flight Deck technology

  9. Tweaking, repaints, SDK

    All discussion and support about repaints, tweaking of files and integration with other products.

  10. Modeling, animations, sounds

    All discussion and support on models, animation and sound.

  11. Holgers Liveries

    Holger Sobl is a highly prolific repainter for the Airbus X (and a great friend of Aerosoft). In this forum he can inform you of what he is doing, what's available and what's planned.


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    • Olá A.Carlos.   Eu penso que qualquer produto de FSX funcionará em FSX:SE, no entanto creio que o melhor será colocar essas questoes em ingles em https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/633-fs2004-fsx-p3d/ Se tiver problema com inglês eu posso ajudar.   Até breve e bons voos!
    • Hello.   Our FS Nordic Conference will take place on February 29th and March 1st, 2020 in Bremen. https://fskonferenz.de/nordic-de.html   I hope you all come ..... I'll be there. Therefore I am not online here in the forum on these two days. I also cannot answer support tickets for X-Plane on these two days. So please be patient until Monday, March 2nd, 2020. Then I will process the open tickets as soon as possible ....   For very urgent questions: just come to the Nordic. I'm there.....   Greetings Heinz
    • Hallo Leute,   am 29.02. und am 1.3.2020 findet in Bremen unsere FS Nordic Conference statt. https://fskonferenz.de/nordic-de.html   Ich hoffe, Ihr kommt alle .....   Ich werde dort sein. Deshalb bin ich an diesen beiden Tagen hier im Forum nicht online. Auch Support Tickets, die X-Plane betreffen kann ich an diesen beiden Tagen nicht bearbeiten. Bitte deshalb bis Montag, den 2.3.2020 ein wenig Geduld haben. Dann werde ich die aufgelaufenen Tickets so schnell es geht abarbeiten ....   Bei dringenden Fragen: Kommt einfach zur Nordic. Ich bin dort.....   Gruß heinz   
    • Guest A.Carlos
      Olá.   Possuo a versão 1.21 do Airbus X Extended (A318/319 e A320/321), então tenho duas questões: 1) O novo Aerosoft A320 321 Professional  , funciona no FSX Steam Edition? 2) Tenho algum desconto na compra dessa nova versão? Agradeço pelo esclarecimento.  
    • I am having trouble getting SimStarterNG to close Active Sky when P3D is closed. I have tried “kill” and that does terminate Active Sky but it doesn’t close ASCA. If I use “close” then Active Sky won’t close and both it and ASCA remain open.   There must be a way of closing Active Sky in such a way that will also close ASCA. Any ideas?
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