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    • Hallo an die Helifans, dank zweier super YT-Videos ist es mir gelungen, mit der Bell 429 klarzukommen. Eine Frage hätte ich, ich höre keinen Ton, der Heli ist stumm, auch nach dem Start aus dem Cold and Dark. Die Callouts beim Check und später auch beim Approach sind deutlich zu hören. Hat jemand eine Idee, wo ich graben kann?   Viele Grüße Vollgas
    • Hi there,   A32x Version: A33x Version:   just to make sure that I am not wrong, if I press the EXT Pwr button, the ASC_AvionicsOn.wav sound should be palyed followed by the loop sound ASC_Avionics.wav right?   I see some strange behavoiurs.     A320: I have change the ASC_AvionicsOn.wav file in the ASC folder (with an soundpack file I found which make me aware of this) but the Bus is playing another sound for it. I found out that the sound ThrottleDetend_RevOff.wav will be played if you start the Ext Pwr. A330: In the A330 i dont hear any ASC_AvionicsOn (but also the ThrottleDetend_RevOff sound).   I've just renamed both wav Files vice versa and now the sound, sounds ok In that way I also found out that for the ASC_AvionicsOff sound the ASC_AvionicsOn sound will be played too   Probably its just misconfigured in the asc.cfg file but within this file I have no plan what to configure so I better let my fingers of it   PS: I change the renemae after my testing cause everytime I set the reverse the Avionic sound was played... a bit wired haha   Cheers Bernd Video.MOV
    • I´m receiving an Error message after computing my flight, like following:   Error in performance file: Mode=Climb, Weight=16821, Altitude, Fuel=2848 The values in the performance file are out of the books, which I already have x-checked two time, so I´m wondering why is there an error and what this error is about? If you have any similar experiance, or any ideas I would be happy to get some input Cheers
    • Also der Joystick  ist gut konfiguriert, beim Throttle haperts noch an allen Ecken und Kanten. Lt. Thrustmaster wird das wohl beim nächsten Update behoben. Gruß Stemmert
    • Juicy! The MSFS brought me back here btw. I was gone from the FS scene for a while now but the new FS blew my mind and now I'm back at it again! I'm really exited to get my hands on all dem great addons from AS and PMDG in the future!   all the best ~
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