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    • Hi! I have two doubts that I can't solve in any way, related to the airbus a319,21,21e 30 panel shortcut keys. The shortcut keys, for example: Shift + 1, Shift + 2 etc., show some specific instruments. But I need ND, and it doesn't appear on the shortcut list. Is there a way for me to exchange one already existing for ND? See the shortcut list attached to the photo. For example: Shift + 8 is ECAML. I wanted to switch to ND for example, or any of them. I tried to do it through panel.cfg, I couldn't. I tried to see it on Aircraft.cfg and I wasn't successful either. It seems to be simple by logic, but I was not able to. Another doubt related also to shortcuts, are the keys F10, F11 and F12. They show different views than what is configured by default in P3d. I'm honestly used to clicking on the F12, for example and seeing the outside of the aircraft, and I would like to continue like this. Something has been configured (and I don't know where) to change the f10, f11 and f12 keys for specific views only in the case of the aerosoft Airbus. That would be another thing that I would like to change, and I couldn't do that either! See the pictures and please, ( panel menu and the ND, that i want it )  if you have time, help me solve these two small problems, which would help me a lot .. Thank you all
    • Hey Team please the A320 is out - can anyone confirm if the 320 is supposed to have PBR on the aircraft - it appears they dont? or are we waiting till HF2 is out from LM?   Sorry had a search on the forum but couldn't see anything...
    • You are most welcome my friend, but we should be (and do) thank you for your patience and especially your support!   As you know, with P3Dv5 all developers are pretty mucg working with one hand tied behind their backs right now, but we're doing the very best we can.  Hopefully the next P3Dv5 update will provide us with even more latitude!   Thank you again for you patience and support my friend!  Hey, when you get some time, please try to come visit with us in the Aerosoft Flight Simulation Community on Discord.  They are all very good people and you'd fit right in and we have a LOT of fun!   Best wishes!      
    • I am terribly sorry you feel that way, though I sincerely struggle to understand why you do.  My job is to assist our customers with a wide variety of our products, which includes being honest and factual with them about our products and help them to understand information about our products.   If you will take a look at the screen shot of the System Requirements section of the Airbus Professional Product Page you will find that I was accurate in telling you that a Rudder Axis (channel) is required for this product.  Just below the screen shot are links to the A320/A321 and A330 Professional Product pages as well. After reviewing this information I hope you can understand that I was merely relaying the facts to you about this product and how it works. System Requirements Screen Shot (Click on image to enlarge).     Direct Link to the Airbus Professional A320/A321 Product Page, System Requirements - CLICK HERE.   Direct Link to the Airbus Professional A330 Product page, System Requirements - CLICK HERE.   After considering the information that I have shared with you (above), if you still feel the same way as your did when you wrote your above response then please answer my questions below and in the spirit of good customer service and a willingness to improve, I promise to make every effort to do so.   1. What did you find to be sarcastic in my initial response to you?   2. What in my response did you find to be unacceptable?   3. What do you believe does not work in the product we advertised?     Before you answer these questions,   My questions above are not intended to be sarcastic. If you still feel the same way about my response after reconsidering the information in this reply, then please answer my questions sincerely and I will take your comments under advisement - after all, everyone can improve and I'm always happy to do so.   I look forward to hearing back from you.          
    • Hi, some weeks ago I posted a question about the bugs in the Frankfurt Scenery existing since Day 1 and haven’t been fixed yet. Is it possible to get a statement about it?  There are two open threads, which doesn’t recieved any answer yet.  so what about the wrong taxiway signs and designators on ground? (N3 and M30, i Think you know what I mean;)  thank you 
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