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    • Here's the proof. He even says you can sell the profiles you create if you want to. If he doesn't want to share them anymore that's fine, but be respectful to your customers and at least acknowledge them.   
    • IRS ausrichten. Dauert bis zu 10 Minuten und dabei darf sich das Flugzeug nich bewegen.    
    • Hier ist auch explizit die Rede von 767 und 757 und nicht von der A320, die nach wie vor eine Beta ist.
    • Hi there,   I heard PFPX ver. 2.03 now supports prohibited & restrictive airspace and was toggled on by default. However, I found restrictive airspace is only available for a few countries in the default database. I would like to ask if there a way to show this information worldwide or is there a way to update the database using a plugin or manual editing?   I asked this because everytime the route is automatically generated I got caution message saying the route transits a restrictive area. I have to edit the route manually (I did not check ignore the restriction option in Advanced Flight Planner) I want the program to do this for me, that avoids any prohibited airspace or active restrictive airspace.   Thank you very much for the assistance.   Cheers, Gordon
    • Hi Emanuel,, As a follow up to this subject, there are instances where turning the autopilot on is triggering the TOGA Lock. I can follow that as the a/c seems to go into a fairly steep climb. Can you provide insight re: at what point/altitude, the autopilot should be switched on. Couldn’t really locate a clear explanation on this from the step-by-step guide.   Even with this difficulty, I’m really starting to like this Airbus!!    Again,Thanks for your help,   Mike