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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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    • posted in cfd club dave. 
    • We just tested the A319 and it seems most switched do have the ability to sync up but its extremely intermittent weather the data actually gets sent to the PM/PF. its either really slow or doesn't sync until something that does sync gets pressed. Its nowhere near the same as the 330.  I would say this makes the small buses unflyable in CFD until they are of the same standard as the 330 or better. its extremely hard to pinpoint what does and what doesn't sync up since its so intermittent and seems to either take a long time to realize buttons have been pressed or it doesn't realize at all. is this something other would agree with or do people actually have the small buses working really well in CFD?   during the 330 test we did we did find that at some points it seemed like messages were not being passed but a lot less noticeable than in the small bus. Do the servers sometime have issues or could it be a firewall issue or something? I can direct ping my partner with 30ms and no packet loss. we have had a successful flight in the 330 but never managed in the small bus due to not being in sync enough. were in the uk both of us so wouldn't expect it to take so long to send and receive from the aerosoft server. these tests were done at 2200z so would not expect our or your traffic load to be so high that it could cause this.
    • I apologize for not posting in Deutsche but my use of the language extends mostly to tourist matters (ex. "Where is the Central Train Station please?") even then a kind lady reminded me that it was "der Banhof not die Bahnhof."   I have a problem which seems to be well known.  The last post to this forum I read was declared "closed." The axis of my Saitec "AV8R" flight stick that functioned while leaving hover was the cyclic Y-axis Elevator.  The "AV8R" Z-axis did increase torque, and the  "AV8R" Slider did increase the engine RPM The "AV8R" cyclic X-axis Aileron/Bank did not work.  The pedals Z-axis Rudder/Tail Rotor did not work.   I normally try to use FSUIPC but I disabled it for this aircraft and restarted with all FSX default axis controls calibrated, tested and assigned.  I tried numerous flights with these settings and finally decided that nothing I did was helping matters.   I was preparing to read the documentation from beginning to end but thought it might be better to search this forum first.   If there is some software "patch" that will fix this I would certainly like to learn of it.  I would like to get this rotorcraft up and running.  I am quite an experienced software crafter on my own so concise printed instructions might also be useful.
    • Hallo Tom, vielen Dank für deine Antwort. Dann bleib ich beim A 320 von AS und baue mein kleines Cockpit mithilfe der Jeehell Software. Gruß Klaus
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