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    • Ja, schade. Aber dann weiß ich auch nicht mehr weiter. Der Schatten im Cockpit ist auch bei mir sehr gezackt. Hab mich bisher nur noch nicht dran gestört. Warten wir ab, was vielleicht noch an weiteren Tipps kommt! Viel Erfolg!!
    • Please enable this in your FSX settings:    
    • In the vertical you are essentially limited to vertical speed with the AP on for the climb, so you adjust it as needed to maintain your target speeds of 250 knots to 10,000 feet and then 300 knots/Mach 0.78 to cruise altitude.
    • The autopilot has both vertical and lateral modes.  Vertical modes include vertical speed and altitude hold, the latter being invoked by setting vertical speed to zero.   Finally there is a pitch dampening mode in which the autopilot no longer controls pitch; rather the pilot does so with either trim or the control column.  Pitch dampening would be used when a high degree of turbulence causes the autopilot to over correct or oscillate up and down in pitch attitude.    Lateral modes consist of turn mode (a knob is used to select a rate of turn), heading select, VOR/localiser mode, and AUX in which the INS controls the AP to track flight plan waypoints.  Flight plan waypoints are entered into the INS either manually, or simply be loading a flight plan using the simulator menus.    And finally there is ILS mode in which both glide slope and localiser are tracked.     There is no auto throttle.  Power is set based on chart values corresponding to take off, climb, cruise or idle for descent.  During the approach you have to know how to set power manually, but this is explained in the tutorial. 
    • Thankyou for that information also in regards to autopilot does it have lateral and vertical and any other autopilot features my apologie for the ignorance I’m completely new to such aircraft avionics and so on. Thankyou in advance Regards.
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