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    • Dave -- you are responsible for the Unidentified Flying Object over southern Indiana yesterday?   It said "Aerosoft" next to it, and "A330".   Your response should be, "I can neither confirm nor deny..."
    • I have Aerosoft Antarctica X installed in FSX and also in P3Dv4.5 with AIRAC 1912. Loaded and the FMC from 737-800 aircraft says NZIR "Not In Database". Does any Pilot here what data to enter in AIRAC? I don't mind to enter data again for the next AIRAC.
    • Thanks!   I'm just kind of confused like I want to do the step by step flight but I'd rather start in turnaround mode because that's what i will do but it says you should do it in cold and dark. I see in 5.3 of the step by step there is a thing where the things you should doing starting in turnaround are marked in blue? So you should just start there but also load the fuel like in the previous step?   Sorry if I'm not making sense it's just a lot to get your head around!
    • Welcome to the forums my friend!     Very cool!  Congratulations, and welcome to the team!!!     You can, but only if you're not using the built in Checklist and Copilot.  If you're not using the features, just load in the Turn Around State and move ahead in the Paper/PDF Checklist to where you are in the procedure.   That said, Cold and Dark in the Airbus is only a few things compared to the Turn Around State.  If you load any of our states, you can rest assured that the switches are in the correct position so you really and truly don't have to check those in the Cockpit Preparation part of the Cold and Dark state.    
    • Hello Jeremy,   1. Which Airbus is this (A318, A319, A320, A321) are you experiencing this issue with?   2. Which revision (update) of the Airbus are you running?  You can find this information in the ASUpdater program.       3. What are you using for weather / wind data (a PMDG file or Flight Plan loaded into ActiveSky)?    4. Please open the file  you're using (identified in Step 3 above) and ensure the same waypoints and that they are in the same order (it's probably not this, but always best to check).   5. Which source do you have selected for Weather in MCDU#3?   6. Also, please ensure that your weather engine (example: Active Sky) and P3D are both being run "As Admin".  It's important to double check this because every once in a while a Windows 10 Update will change program permissions.   7. What is the type of CTD error and which faulty module is called out in the Event Viewer?     If the above doesn't resolve things for you then we'll have to dig in a little deeper.   Looking forward to hearing back from you.  
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