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    • I fully agree with you. A simple bug can be reproduced by Aerosoft too and to report it to MS should be more than a simple service to the Aerosoft customers.   Just a small other thing like the (HUD) function in MSFS.  This is a total misleading description of what a HUD is. Every body in the sim community knows what a HUD is an Aerosoft knows it 110 % too, so to speack. What is displayed in MSFS is a better presentation of the Minipanel we know from FSX. May be the ASOBO guys are not fully aware how a aircraft HUD looks like ( which I do not believe )  but Aerosoft as a partner during the developement process working close with ASOBO together should have raised a flag in this regard in order to avoid this stupid name for  just a full screen display with some gauge displays. And MS should have done the same !! Just as an example in this connection. A sim friend from France wrote me that the HUD does not work and asked me if it does not work on my setup too. Interesting ! So far some additional  considerations from my end.   Regards
    • Okay, so the LOGO light is off under the flight/ when the Aircraft is airborne??? Okay there can I see I learn news thing very day...
    • Hi, I did some more research on this issue. On the A330 the flaps are extended to more than 15 degrees only in flap settings 3 and FULL. On setting 1+F the flaps is set to 8 degrees and setting 2 the flaps are set to 14 degrees. It's slats that is set to 16 degrees on position 1. Now there are two different airline options on this as far as I can see. One where the logo light illuminates when flaps are extended more than 0 degrees (meaning it would not show on setting 1 but would show on 1+F) and other option is where the logo light illuminates when the flaps are extended to 15 degrees or more. Following can be found on the manuals: These lights provide lighting for the company logo on the vertical stabilizer provided the main landing gears is compressed, or depending on the aircraft configuration, when flaps are extended (at least 15 ° on some aircraft).   Reading that text I first was thinking if the mentioned flaps there would also include slats angle in this context. But then the last part on brackets basically defies this logic because if this was the case that flaps in this case included the slats angle as well, it's not required to add the last part in brackets for some aircraft because "when flaps are extended" phrase would include all settings since slats on all settings are more than 15 degrees as you already mentioned. So the aircraft that we have been modelled is following this 15 degrees or more logic meaning that on AUTO position (1) the logo light should not show in air unless flaps are more than 15° meaning that in air it would only show in positions 3 and 4 (given there is no load relief in action). So there is still an issue that it shows on flap setting 2 that I'll investigate. Also the aircraft we have modelled seems to include also the option where logo light is continuously illuminated on position (2) which was also mentioned here on a previous post. We'll see if we can also include this logic on position 2 but it's not really highest of priorities right now.
    • OK, I just reported it.  
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