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    • Cách hoạt động của máy lọc nước ion kiềm như thế nào? Máy lọc nước ion kiềm (hay còn gọi là máy lọc nước điện giải, máy lọc nước Kangen, máy tạo nước Pi…..). Không chỉ là sản phẩm máy lọc nước thông thường. Máy vừa có khả năng lọc sạch mà còn tạo ra nước có tính kiềm cao với khả năng chống oxy hoá mạnh bằng công nghệ điện phân tạo ra nước ion kiềm giàu hydro.
    • Friends, as SimUpdate 5 is about to drop we want to ask you for some patience should things not work. There are some big changes in the sim (all for the best) that might need some work from us. Part of that is done, part is being done. But just relax when things do not work our and check the forums.    
    • In next version when looking at airline details (and other new places to be discussed at a later time) the program will now show a logo for the airline/company. A big thank you to AIG (Alpha India Group) for allowing access to their +1250 logos.     The logo requirement for AIG and Flightplan Visualiser (FV) are different. AIG uses airline logos for their flightplans whereas FV users it for the airlines (carrier and/or operator). So while AIG might need to have a logo for "United Exress" FV in stead needs logos for all the operators (e.g. Mesa Airlines, Republic Airways, SkyWest Airlines, ExpressJet Airlines, GoJet Airlines and so on). So beside the logos available from AIG, the next installer will come bundled with +150 logos (not available from AIG), partly for these operators, but mostly for older biz-jet flightplans not available from AIG. So in total there will be +1400 logos available.     However the airline database contains some +6500 airlines, so there will not be logos available for each and every airline. However for the airlines in use as carrier/operator of the flightplans bundled with the installer, there will most likely be one (not all, but many of them). Adding additional logos to the installer will not be my main focus, as I guess my time is better spend writing code, however a few more logos will probably be added in future versions.   The bundled logos are optional (you don't have to install them). Likewise the downloading (and caching) of those logos available from AIG can be disabled in settings if you don't want to spend your download-bandwidth/disk-space on these (by default its enabled). The AIG logos are downloaded/cached one at a time when needed. So even though AIG have some +1200 logos available, only those for airlines you have viewed (where it can display a logo) will be downloaded. Once downloaded it will be added to a new LogoCache folder (in AppData) where it will remain, so its only necessary to download it the first time it needs to be displayed.
    • Hi everybody! I was wondering - does anybody have the LVARs for the MCDU buttons? I have built a custom MCDU for CJ4 (using a HDMI 3.5 inch screen) and I was wondering whether I will be able to repurpose it for the CRJ. Additionally, can the PFD/MFD and MCDU displays be "popped" out using the right Alt+click, like in the stock planes?   To be honest I do not feel like spending 50 EUR just to find out it cannot be done 🙂    Thanks! Wojtek
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