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    • BTW its 18 systems now and I've put posts in multiple places asking anyone with the CRJ to check if it works for them or crashes and to contact support, and I've also made sure they are aware that both MICRO/AEROsoft are not able to do anything to resolve this at the moment   This is what Microsoft say on the subject Thanks for contacting us regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please contact the developer directly to report this issue and request further assistance. Third-party developers are responsible for their own content, including: Question about the content/feature Issues with the content (missing feature, bug, feedback etc...) Compatibility issues between the content and the base game Wishlist item They attached a note about 3rd party content updates and the problems seem to eminate from those who download from the Marketplace only : Note about 3rd party content updates Due to the certification process, you might see a delay between the moment third parties update the content they sell and distribute on their own platforms and the moment the update is pushed in the Marketplace. But be assured that the update will become available via the Marketplace very soon.  
    • IF that happens it may be disappointing in the beginning, but do mind that Working Title are revamping the Garmin G1000 to become the sim default and will be close to 1:1. If I'm not mistaken the rest of the Garmin's will be taken care of as well in time, based on their other Garmin community projects. Take that last bit with a grain of salt, as we don't have concrete information yet outside the G1000. However, I do think that it stands to reason that whatever is in their community project repo atm, will eventually become a default in the sim, as they're now working with Asobo.   Just a hunch. 
    • ok, I sent the link to Hans Hartmann, we hope to solve the problem. Greetings
    • you need to solve discontinuities on the legs page and not the fpln page.
    • We restarted the server, please try again!
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