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    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • Hi   I can report the same problems. Every time I touch the Geneva installer, I have to fix my addons folder. The scenery is beautiful, no doubt but one of the very cool things about Geneva are the Satellite terminals and rendering the gates useless with this SODE issue makes this a real disappointment. Will there be any improvement in this area in a near future? Because otherwise I feel like a reimbursement is reasonable to buy another scenery in the meantime and then re-buying the scenery when you get it working again.   Kind regards, Cristian
    • Hi, I have complete my purchase for QualityWings - Ultimate 787 Collection for P3D  at 21:29 (UTC+8) on 7th July. After paid by VISA card,  "Mollie" redirect me to return to shop website with Notification--> Oops! An error has occurred! (attached for your reference.) And refreshing doesn't work, according to my bank account record, the payment has been debited. Thus, i am wondering if the payment was also shown accomplished from your end or not? Because I cannot find the product in my instant download page as well as my registered Email also didn't receive an Invoice?
    • The engine start glitch is still there on my side unfortunately, but thats not as anoying as the shutdown sound issue was :D
    • Hi Paul, we'll investigate and see if we can replicate.
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