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    • There is big hole inside salon
    • To be totally honest, we do not feel the need to involved in this.  Most, if not all, items have been discussed to death on our forums. If people want to repeat those discussions on other forums they should feel free to so, but without us.  Some issues are on the list as being open, and so noted Some issue have been sorted out and will be delivered in an update. Most of those so noted. Some issues are simply totally not being able to be recreated on our systems and have been proven to be solved by a clean install of the sim. This has been shown on our forums time and time again. Many issues are simply limitations of the simulator at this moment. All that is clearly replied to on our forums. Most of our comments are simply totally ignored. They can be found rather easily and we believe that repeating things time and time again just makes no sense.  As always we are more than willing to discuss these issue on our forums as long as they are done respectfully.  Repeating them on other forums is not in our interest.   And because I did not found any issue not already discussed here or in tickets, I am closing this. I am sure some people will see this as a vicious attack on free speech but these are our forums and we decide what is welcome here. If you have an issues please add new information to the topic about that issue. If you a new issue, please make a new topic as we are always wanting to learn more about possible problems.   If you believe posting in forums that we do not follow will solve the issues you have, by all means, do so. We check these forums every two weeks so if there is any new info it will be inserted in our bug trackers at some time.  
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    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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