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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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    • I have been able to improve overall FPS by reducing settings inside P3D, but it still remains that the aircraft is quite heavy on performance. Even with my settings reduced, the fluctuating FPS problem still remains. I am getting anywhere from 30-100FPS in cruise. I have tried locking it with the frame limiter, but that only causes the FPS to dip even lower. So far I have been unable to find the cause. Turning traffic off has no impact and reducing from SSAA to MSAA actually makes my FPS drop surprisingly (maybe something with the NVIDIA settings?). The only thing that has helped is reducing draw distance.   CPU: i7-9700k GPU: GTX 1070 Memory: 16GB
    • This happens every single time I load a flightplan from simbrief. Reloading your SID/STAR and approaches is usually necessary.
    • Just wanted to report also having this issues, tried reading the things to fix it with no luck.
    • @KendrickC,    When you say "start the CRJ Pro" do you mean when you select the aircraft in P3D or when you start the engines?  Your photos appear to show a CRJ in a cold and dark mode.  Do you click on the EFB/aircraft and select any other mode other than cold and dark, and if so, does it show anything other than the photos? 
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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