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    • Thanks Dave but I had an arrival runway inserted before I even took off.
    • Jack,   I might be wrong, but I'm not familiar with any bug like you describe and it's not in our bug database.  I always use GSX these days, but I used the PB last year in testing and it seemed to work fine for me.  I'll try to give it a test tomorrow.  
    • Jack,   That is a normal message.  It is displayed upon reaching (I believe) 80 kt and will go away at 1500 ft (where a couple of other magical things happen).  This message tells the flight crew that non-critical messages are being withheld (not displayed) any non-critical messages until 1500ft.   Best wishes.  
    • Hello Jack,   That is a known bug that is slated to be corrected.  This will occur if an arrival runway is not been selected.  For now, simply enter a runway for the arrival airport, and this will allow the FMGS to fully calculate the distance and therefore the ETA.   I hope this is helpful to you!    
    • I am going to upgrade my PC which will require a clean install of P3D 4.5 and all associated software including Simstarter NG 1.8.7   What is the best way to preserve and then re-install all of the Simstarter config files that I have so painstakingly developed over the past 3 years? (I have never had to do a reinstall since beginning to use Simstarter)   I have configs for flying airliners and also configs that maximize scenery for low and slow GA. Sim Configs, Scenery Configs, Run Manager, Sim Objects, etc.   Thanks
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