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    • Please update the Bus to via the ASUpdater.
    • The detailed error message would be helpfull. You may find it in the Windows Eventviewer under Windows Logs/Application at the time of the crash. Please run the attached tool to give us more detail about your PC/Sim environment and post the content here.
    • What exact EDDF version are you taling about? Who/what detects a crash? Somehow repeatable? Is for Take Off only   Screenshots of a situation are always welcome.
    • Hello,   I am running P3D v4 and have the latest EDDF scenery installed. Every time I land on 25R (tried several aicraft, Aerosoft, PMDG, FSLABS, etc.), it is detected as a crash (they are smooth landings). I see the scenery (and 25R), but it is almost as if it's not registered as a runway. I sometimes get a RAAS warning stating "warning taxiway"). It also doesn't appear (25R) as a runway I can select to start in (I guess per forum discussions, it is for landings only?). I re-installed twice. Any ideas?  Could it be? 1. Order of scenery in library? 2. I do have Orbx textures (global and trees)? 3. Any other settings I should look at?   Thank you in advance for any suggestions.   Regards, Fabio
    • Ein interessantes Video, bringt nichts Neues, aber zeigt gut verständlich den Vorteil von Vulkan.   /Othello    
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