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    • Hallo Hermann,   Danke für die Rückmeldung.   Zu 2: d.h. ich kann den airac nur einspielen, wenn dieser gültig ist? Das ist ja blöd. Hatte drauf spekuliert, dass ich dann einen 1-2 Monate alten Airac hätte einspielen können um alles auf dem gleichen Stand zu haben.   Zu 3: ja ich meine die nav Daten vom Flughafen. Hatte mich nur ungünstig ausgedrückt.   Charts ist mir bewusst, aber da ist die Lage eindeutig. Zugriff nur solange wie das Abo gültig ist.   Danke und VG Holger
    • There's an article about the new fms format available here: https://developer.x-plane.com/article/flightplan-files-v11-fms-file-format/   For a direct comparison between the legacy format and the new v11 check out my post over at the x-plane forum (see the link in my previous post).
    • Hi, I accidentally shut down an engine inflight.I  tried to restart it,but to no avail.Does anyone know what the procedure is to restart an engine inflight?And has anyone been able to do so in this simulation aircraft?I landed the aircraft without any problems on 3 engines but next time I would really like to be able to restart the engine.So,if anyone has any knowledge about doing so in this Aerosoft DC-8,please let me know. Thank you.
    • Dear Support-Team,   i own the A320 family since this week and today i started with the Step-by-Step Tutorial flight (after reading it already completely through to get an overview). It is the flight from EDDF Frankfurt to EGLL Heathrow with an A319.   Now i face some differences from the Cockpit Situation to what is written in the tutorial:   1) there are some differences between the Checklist-Function and the checklist points mentioned in the document - but ok, i follow the ingame-checklist of course.   2) Loading the Plane: In the tutorial, its mentioned the A319 has 124 Pax  - but i can load more than 150... ok, no problem so far. But im curious: Why is there such a difference?   3) I load the company route as mentioned in the tutorial (FRALHR1). Contrary to the tutorial, the SID and Star is already programmed, i did not have to add them manually. The STAR in EGLL is already programmed for runway 09L (in the tutorial i should fly to 27L). I decided to try with the predefined company route and did not change the STAR. But i have an discontinuity after Waypoint LAM, there is an "MANUAL" entry. Tutorial says, delete the discontinuity (clear in the MCDU scratchpad, then click on the respective button). But i can not delete it. Why? For me as a newbie, these little discrepancies between document and cockpit make it difficult to understand this very important part of MDCU programming. So i aborted my first flight now because i could not eliminate this flightplan discontinuity.   Any hints for me?   Regards, Jan  
    • Okay, I think it was already in place since then Thank you for your answer 
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