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    • Hi, to everyone reading this, im not the only facing this issue for the past recent days the Connected Flight Deck feature hasnt been working on the aerosoft airbus pro, v I can connect but when i try to create a session or join one, nothing happens.I dont know why this is happening, but i would like to know if i,ts possible, and so when will it be fixed, ive seen other people post the same on cfd forum, i really think the cfd feature is one the best selling points for the aerosoft airbus. I understand that the cfd is also still in its infancy, but i would like to know if its going to be fixed.   Best Regards
    • stephen   thanks & apologies for a tardy reply (notifications not set correctly)   yes, the attached OFP's (light, medium, heavy ZFW's for a 77F) show how the FLAS's work ..... & extend through vietnam & chinese airspace but not into hongkong.   is there a way one can see such data in PFPX ...... i could not find it in a search of the respective FIR's eAIP's.   the approved atc's make interesting need for level changes in sim atc addons.   cheers john CPA2042 WSSS-VHHH (22 Oct 2020) #1.txt CPA2042 WSSS-VHHH (22 Oct 2020) #2.txt CPA2042 WSSS-VHHH (22 Oct 2020) #3.txt
    • This issue was reported frequently a while ago but since then there have been lots of updates and I think this might be solved in later version. Anyway, version 2.0.7 is completely outdated and 2.1.2 is very stable so I think it's save to check it out, if you use SAM Suite you can safely downgrade to older versions if you like.   https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/5007-scenery-animation-manager-suite/   If there is an issue updating to 2.1.2 it might be a good idea to manually delete your SAM folder and start from scratch, just backup your SAM/lib and SAM/themes folders before so you can restore the libs and activations later on.
    • Die Tastaturbelegung ist schon voreingestellt. Manuell neu einstellen wie oben beschrieben über Optionen, Steuerung. Gruß Stemmert
    • Hallo lgharlie, Du hast die Möglichkeit die Einstellungen für Stick/Yoke und Pedale für jedes Flugzeug individuell abzuspeichern: Gehe auf 'Einstellungen' - 'Joystick'. Nachdem du deine Steuerung eingerichtet hast, kannst du im Fenster unten links 'Aktives Profil' ganz nach unten scrollen und auswählen 'Als neues Profil speichern' und einen Namen hierfür vergeben. Beim Laden eines Fliegers stellt XP dann automatisch die jeweilige Konfiguration ein oder du wählst sie manuell aus.   Viel Erfolg Peter
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