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    • I have the same issue with the cockpit lights in P3Dv5. I can't get the RealLight installer in the SupportFiles folder to run, and I can't find it already installed anywhere. Pretty much a completely new and clean P3Dv5 install.
    • @Mathijs Kok @RobsonM Good Morning! I have some good news. The last file is working for me. I had no "bad" token requests since a couple of flights with each several hours of testing.    Regarding my FPS drop it seemed to had another cause wich is NOT related to Aerosoft A330!. Therefore I would like to apologize taking your time to working on a solution without being "the cause".   I found out that there where some issues with ASP3D (BETA), at least on my end! After 45 Minutes, wich equals the 3third "weather refresh" there where problems of injecting the weather. I just uinstalled ASP3D and reinstalled it, now the problem seem to be gone.    I would like to thank you all being so patience with me. Now I can enjoy your A330 and looking forward to further enhancements on your products!   I think you may close this ticket "as solved"!   Regards, Marcus
    • It's the installer of TrueLight that does that. We also do not know byt have asked TFDi about it.
    • Hallo Zusammen, ich habe die Zibo Mod 3.42_full mit dem Patch 3.42_5 installiert. Soweit so gut.   Da ich noch nicht so der perfekte Pilot bin starte ich immer mit laufenden Motoren. Soweit so gut...   Wenn ich dann asuf der Startbahn stehe und im FMC die Daten eingebe...machts auf einmal einen Rumps und alles geht aus und eine nervige Klingel geht an....   Dann schalte ich die APU ein dann gehts wieder aber ich kann ja nicht starten da der Wagen ja noch draussen steht...sobald ich die APU wieder kappe geht alles aus.   Ist jemand hier im Forum der mir in verständlichen Schritten erklären kann wie ich mit laufenden Motoren dieses Problem beseitigen kann?   Vielen Dank an Euch im Voraus.   Gruss Kussel
    • Hello!   Why is the Airbus A318-321 installer creating a "Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Gauges" folder to install RealLight and TrueGlass. I have Prepar3D v4 completely uninstalled and fight only with Prepar3D v5 at the moment. In the "Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Gauges" folder I can only find TrueGlass from a previous add-on installation.   Regards Gerhard
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