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    • Alaska & SFO.....Yes, more of the airport environment and it's surroundings.                             Thanks for viewing, Darryl
    • Hallo Reiner, Der Fehler muss irgendwo anders liegen.  Habe heute Nacht die 3.34 installiert und habe das gleiche Problem.  Habe 2 tutorial  (z.b.  zibo 3.32 )als Referens genommen alle Abgaben 1zu1 übernommen . 4 start versuche (Triebwerke an) gemacht . zum Start F/D ok  A/T  on ging  nur 1mal am Boden und 3x im Abflug an. LNAV und VNAV haben rumgezickt   und der AP ging bei allen versuchen nur 1x kurz an und wieder aus. 2x wurde das Fmc bei ca.2000ft,  dunkel und die Route war weg. 4 mal flug Abbruch ohne AP geht sowieso nichts.  Habe keine speziellen addons installiert  Habe die fsx pmdg 737 und Airbus ohne probleme geflogen.    Bin seid Wochen schon am verzweifeln, glaub mir alle 737 zibo tutorial habe ich getestet. Heute Nacht versuche ich nochmal deine 3.33 Habe aber meine Hoffnung fast verloren. Grüße  Airliner           
    • Thank you for the response. I too now use Xorganizer. What a great tool. Do you bundle all of the Aspen folders with the Airports sub folder? Or do you leave the mesh folders down below. XO puts the two mesh folders over my Ortho4XP tiles. Just curious to know the best location for this airport in XO. More details below.   I do not use HDMeshV4 scenery. At least not yet. I do have USOrthophotos for the State of Colorado installed.   1.) I installed AS_KASE-ASPEN-ORTHOMESH-REQUIRED-FILES first. 2.) I then installed AS_KASE-ASPEN-ORTHOMESH-OPTIONAL-FILES second.   I am assuming the above is the SUMMER textures. I tested it and it looked fine. This is all based on the instructions provided in SimMarket under this product. Here is a copy of it. HDMeshV4 not installed according to the option below in the instructions. It says "If you do NOT use HD Mesh".   The download includes two versions of the airport, one for users of HD Mesh V4 and one for everyone else. If you do NOT use HD Mesh, unpack the scenery files from the folder “AS_KASE-ASPEN-ORTHOMESH-REQUIRED-FILES.zip” into the “Custom Scenery” folder in your X-Plane root folder. If you want to, you can also install an optional extension of the mesh. To do so,simply unpack the folder “Aerosoft - KASE Aspen - Mesh_b” located in “AS_KASE-ASPEN-ORTHOMESH-OPTIONAL-FILES.zip” into “Custom Scenery” as well. If you have HD Mesh installed, unpack the folder “AS_KASE-ASPENHDMESHV4.zip” into your “Custom Scenery” folder instead.   3.) I made a copy of step 1 and 2 and called that folder ASPEN-SUMMER. I then went into the WINTER MOD folder. Copied the CUSTOM SCENERY folder and dropped it into the root XP11 folder. I over wrote the files upon request.   4.) I now copied these folders out and called it ASPEN-WINTER. XO comes later and I can create the summer and winter profiles.   Question #1) Does this override USOrthophotos installed? Question #2) Can the MESH A and B be bundled with the airport so that is higher than the base mesh and US Orthophotos? Question #3) What is the best order for the Aspen folders? Question #4) Is USOrthophotos considered HD Mesh? So do we in tern need to install HDMeshV4 Question #5) Where does the KASE Aspen Autogen go? scenery.ini puts it at the bottom.       Thanks!  
    • Hier ein Video wo man das Geräusch hört! IMG_2379.mov
    • Some new images of the Honeycomb throttle. Has been a while but they ARE coming.      
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