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    • Do you know where to find these scripts? 
    • What Microsoft strategy was? That assumes there was one and I think there was none. It was a defunct project, failed miserably  with MS Flight, the hobby version with Dovetails failed as they basically just messed it up (I think because they just did not have the money).  At that time Aerosoft was competing (with partners) with Dovetails for the license and we lost. We did have the plans but were not willing to pay what was asked because our plans were expensive as hell. Flight Simulator 'the brand' was not owned by developers or project managers but by the marketing and sales department.    But at the same time there still was a group of people inside MS that wanted to revive the sim. It used to be massively important for them, for the whole industry.  New hardware was benchmarked with FS. And after a decades that group in Microsoft gathered enough momentum to get things moving. Project Lead Jorg Neumann needs to get a load of credit, this is his baby.    For many people this was far more than work. So many people wanted this to succeed. I never seen that before.  It is work in progress, but it is work in progress that a lot of people care about and that makes all the difference.     
    • @Heinz Flichtbeil Ich hab jetzt das Ganze noch einmal runter geladen und neu installiert. Was ich jetzt gemacht habe, ist den Hotfix_1 nicht installiert. Jetzt schein alles da zu sein, keine Fehlermeldung! Ob jetzt noch Fehler vorhanden sind, schwer zu sagen... Ich flieg mal die Strecke wieder ab.  
    • hmm strange... maybe there's a plan you have installed that causes this? Do you have the P5D SDK installed for the imagetool (or whatever you can set in AIG for it to use)? I'm currently running on the HF1 SDK, if you want I can export what plans I've installed so you could double-check with my settings. Just DM me in that case.
    • No. I am sorry. Let's see what kind of functions would be benefitial to MSFS users. If you have ideas - let me know... 😉
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