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    • Hi there.   I am interested to find out how the real world Bendix KIng KR 87 ADF unit (Twin Otter Extended), identifies a frequency with a 0.5 Khz shifted resolution.    I notice that the KR 87 ADF unit in the Aerosoft unit does not have the ability to tune in the 0.5Khz but accurately tunes in to and identifies NDB's with a 0.5Khz frequency resolution.  (Example NDB: - Sky Vector reports EGHI 's NDB (EAS) as having a frequency of 391.5 Khz, but Airport Nav Finder indicates the same NDB to have a frequency resolution of 391 Khz and both P3D & FSX use the 0.5Khz frequency resolution it being a CAA European standard requirement)   Can anyone please advise in a brief way, how tuning in to the 0.5 Khz is achieved on the real world KR 87 ADF if indeed it is possible, perhaps there is an automatic 1/2Khz seek function? or perhaps point me in the right direction (pardon the pun) to ask?   Many Thanks Roger     
    • Hello. Just wondering, will we be able to use multiple discounts on checkout, for example, in my case I have a Aerosoft discount voucher, own the A320 prof and as far as I know am also in the group who will get discout codes for being part of the CFD club before April 3rd. Will I be able to apply all 3 of these discounts at check-out?
    • I only see someone flying the pmdg 747.
    • There seems to be something wrong in your installation or your handling as there is no BARO CHECK after landing. Can you reproduce this issue at every time after landing?   Regards, Rolf
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