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    • Good evening everyone, Does anyone know if there are any good Reus airport scenery out there, would really like to fly into that airport and the only developer I could find was Akesoft and they seemed to have gone quite since 2015/16. would really appreciate if anyone could let me know   (P.S I don't mind payware or freeware as long as it is relatively realistic). Thanks! Regards, Joe
    • I confirm I also have this concern I think that if I press HOLD on a point which is in front of me it's ok but let's imagine I pass the point XXX that it finds behind me and that if I click at this moment the XXX then HOLD I have the same error message FMGS.DLL and I can reproduce it every time ...
    • Today after a few days without PC, I've been mounted day if not a new day, with the following
      CPU : i7 8700K
      RAM : Kingston HYPERX DDR4 2666 2x16GB total 32GB
      SSD : Crucial M500 960 GB
      GPU : ASUS ROG STRIX GTX970 (Soon I'll replace it with a GTX1080)
      Monitor : ACER G277HL
      S.O : Windows 10 Profesional 64b
      And after installing applications and the simulator with some Add-ons and scenarios (Not all the scenarios that I have, which are a few, I have only installed the Sim-Wings Barcelona and 2 of FlightBeam and others of Drzewiecki)
      The flight of proof has been with this installed: That I hope exceeds in quite the minimum almost reaches the maximum
      Prepar3D v4.4.16.27077 Profesional
      Active Sky for P3D v1.0.6909.23676
      SODE v1.6.3
      RAAS Prof. 64Bts UNLOKED
      FSDEAMTEAM GSX v2.5.0.11
      PFPX v2.03
      AIVLASOFT EFB v2.0
      AeroSoft A320-321 Profesional Prepar3D v4.x
      Drzewiecki Seattle Airports X v1.3
      I have made the flight with active Sky activated FL250
      Starting from
      KSFO Gate D561 (D56A)
      TAKEOF RWY 28L SID MOLEN8.MOLEN Trans ENI And coming
      Fuel :
      I have not had any problems, that if I had with the installation on my previous PC, both in the ascent, cruising, descent, approximation and landing, the AIRBUS A321 CFM He has followed and fulfilled the expectations he expected at speeds etc....I hope that in the A330 the same thing happens when I buy I installed and do not have to wait almost a year to fly without problems.
      That for that I've spent a little money to replace the old PC, almost €1000.
    • Had 3 or 4 successful flights on v1.2.3.0.   Updated to v1.2.3.1 and encountered a problem with A321 on first flight where managed climb was stuck at 210 kts though CLB Perf page showed 318/.79.  DES page showing 211 kts  - very low speed which I have found to be symptomatic of managed speed problem.     Images, logs, and flight plan attached.     Harold       A321 KPDX-KPSP 210 kt climb and 211 kt descent PERF.zip KPDXKPSP01.flp
    • Es hängt auch davon ab, was du mit dem PC sonst noch alles anstellen möchtest. Solltest du zum Beispiel an Computerschach interessiert sein, dann nimm die 2080. lc0 ist eine Schachengine, basierend auf einem neuronalen Netzwerk, und dieses läuft sehr perfomant auf einer 2080 https://www.schachfeld.de/threads/33210-leela-chess-zero-lc0-alphazero