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    • Dear Leo,    just follow the instruction of Mathijs (send an email with all details to support@aerosoft.com) and everything will be fine.    This will be handled directly between support and you and not publicly in the forum.   
    • Dear Aerosoft Sales/Support Team,   I am writing this to you because our Flightsim Store in Australia has left us in the lurch by selling products online
      but not delivering them. I have purchased products from them over many years to support a business here in Australia.
      At the time our internet was so slow and we only had the option to purchase boxed versions of flightsim products.
      The Aerosoft products that I have are all excellent and I know I will purchase more in the future. As you are aware like many others we have been duped of our purchase from the Flightsim store.   I sincerely hope that you and your team could  assist me and many others in my situation
      in obtaining the products we purchased.    To all I wish you a wonderful holiday season and much success in the future. Many Thanks Leo J  😩
          Aerosoft purchased products from Flightsim Store.txt
    • Hi again, have also this problem with ENGM...see the screen...Any idea to resolve? The halo lamp effects not in correct position. This issue present also if arrive at ENGM from other apts, and present also if start from ENGM.  
    • not sure what the issue you're seeing with the stabilator, according to natops for f14b, 10deg up/33 deg dn deflection.  as for the spoilers, when flaps are down, all deflect, once weight off wheels, all deflect as well.   
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.