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    • Well, just check YT videos, nearly all I see are automatic and I personally have not done a manual landing in months.  
    • And exactly what answer are you looking for? If FSL told you that their product recreates flying an Airbus on a PC with PC based controllers very realistically I would for sure advise you to spend the extra money and buy their product. You will have to do without what we feel is very important (like actually recreating the environment of the pilot)  but if you want to recreate the simulator rides pilots do their product is probably better.  It's a different approach. We simulate the work of the pilot and see the aircraft as a tool, they seen the aircraft at the center.  If you are into emergencies that have never happened in any Airbus they can offer that, if you like to know how to open the cockpit door to get your coffee (that happens on EVERY flight) I suggest our product.        
    • Where is this top navigation bar clickspot one is supposed to use to reset the EFB?   Edit: Forget it. I found it. It's the blue line on the EFB Display.
    • Um einen Knoten an diesen Faden zu machen:  Es haben die richten  redist Libs gefehlt. /Othello
    • Interessant am Logfile ist, was nicht zu sehen ist. Die Meldungen bezgl. X-Eu sagen doch nur, dass es an der Stelle noch keinen Crash gab, das was als nächstes hätte geschrieben werden sollen, wäre viel interessanter
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