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    • I think the transition from FSX to P3D vs. P3D to MSFS will be vastly different. Even hardcore P3D users will not be able to hold out for long once MSFS is out and the 3PD's start releasing products for it. I think P3D will fade much faster than FSX did, even by the 3PD's themselves. I don't think P3D v5 will come anywhere close to being able to keep up. What will be interesting will be LM's long term plan......
    • I must be out of place in many ways:   - I've never cared about English payment sites. - I've never had a problem with LM's EULA. - I've hardly cancelled any purchases after the products were in the shopping cart. - I'm mainly flying where I'm NOT living, BECAUSE I want to see something new and "exotic". - I still wouldn't mind investing some money into P3d addons - because I'm sure I will stick with it for quite a while.     - Oh yes, I'm clearly buying more if things are cheaper - at least for sceneries! That doesn't mean at all that I'm buying a lot of low quality things, it just means that I will invest in quantity IF quality and price are right. Only aircraft are a differnt thing: If I can get the best that's availible, I don't care about the price, because I use them sooooo often if they are good, and because there aren't too many of those. But here, I also seem to be an oddball.   So, have fun with all the goodies of MFS, but this time, I will jump onto the boat way later than many others. I'm happy for every interesting addon released for P3d, and if not, it's still too good and too complete to lay it off, now that it finally works so well.   I'm still very surprised about the facts Mathijs mentioned above.
    • First dev team that gets any high quality commercial airplane released for MSFS gets my money. If it is this CRJ, then I guess I'm doing regional flights to the longer range types for this dev team or other dev teams are released. This will also prompt me to finally uninstall P3D. I have no intention of maintaining 2 simulators and clearly MSFS is the better choice. 
    • Hi Hans,   I recreated the flight from scratch using version of the CRJ and saved the flight during cruise. Unfortunately, the issue still occurs - the ADG deploys itself when this flight file is loaded. Can you suggest anything else to try?   Any advice appreciated. Thanks.   - Bob
    • Ich musste nichts reparieren und so sieht es für mich aus (with  Ortho tiles) :
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