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    • Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting last minute emergency Cuban Missile Crisis patrol along western coast of Florida from KPIE St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport with its largest U.S. Coast Guard air base in USA located 9 miles north of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida to KEYW Key West International Airport located 2 miles east of the main commercial center of Key West. On airborne on climb to Fl210 after take off from runway 36 with background view of highway 60 also known as Courtney Campbell Causeway seen behind the tail showing waters of Old Tampa Bay on right side of the highway and waters of Mobbly Bay on left side of the highway Making 180 degree right turn passing through clouds Passing KTPA Tampa International Airport located six miles west of downtown Tampa Still on climb to F210 flying back to pass waters of Old Tampa Bay Still on climb past the airport of departure Flying past Pinellas Park suburb located north of city of St Petersburg where you can see two highways below the plane where the highway under left wing is highway route number 275 and the highway under right wing is highway route number 19 also known as 34th Street North. If you can see square shaped park off the tip of right wing, it is called Helen S. Howarth Community park I HONESTly have no idea what causeway the plane was passing!! Passing bridge route number 798 connecting Coquina Beach seen behind left wing and longboat key seen in front of wing Cruising at F210 looking out for any Soviet or Cuban submarine or ship Cruising along west coast of Florida Still cruising with beauty of waters of Gulf of Mexico Sorry  NO TIME to clean and wash the plane Cruising and NOT a sight of sharks!!! Guess sharks had fled after hearing about Cuban Missile Crisis Cruising past background view of North Captiva island and Captiva where you can see under propellers waters of Pine Island Sound Aquatic Preserve Passing background view of city landscape of Cape Coral where you can see waters of River Caloossahatchee Passing suburb of Naples park located in North Naples which is of course north of Naples Cruising (dont you love beauty of water) Time to start to descend! At 5,000 ft above gorgeous water At 3,000 ft Engines roaring Still at 3,000 ft getting ready for runway approach to KEYW Key West airport runway 09 due to overcrowding of Key West Air Naval Station base Deployed landing gear Maneuvering toward runway Seconds before touchdown Ok 2 more seconds TOUCHDOWN!! Braking down Braking down past background view of airport tower Exiting from runway 09 into taxiway E into cargo apron for refueling and rebriefing Arrived and ready for refueling and rebriefing Time for night patrol!! Thank you for viewing.  Stay tuned for next exciting flight report. Regards, Aharon
    • hI ,     I 've just updated my CRJ PRO to the latest version for p3dv4 HF3 and now i am getting this error message : sound initialization failed then , just after , i have a CTD. Everything else wors just fine ! Didn't have that issue with the previous version of the CRJ.   I am on Win7 pro.   Do someone have any clue on this ? Need help on this ! Thanks.  
    • Hello Hans, I've just gave a try with disabled side displays, with the same settings and same location of my first screenshots, and unfortunately this is still the same, fps are pulsating between 16 to 40 fps continuously.
    • Before anything can be done about any issue, I need to be able to reproduce it. As long as this is not the case, chances are slim that I can do something about it. Especially in an environment like Prepar3D where users often have many other add-ons installed that are active all the time. As I wrote in my previous post, I'm pretty sure that the number of draw operations has something to do with it. So, please try to disable the F/O side displays in the EFB and let me know if and by how much that improves your framerate.
    • Thanks, we already noticed the error.   If you use the TCA Stick you can manually edit the ECAM2D.ini in the data folder. Just compare with the A319 version after enabling.
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