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    • Every time on final my right engine stalls. I do not have failures turned on. Any ideas?
    • flightplan was made by PFPX but manually entered into FMC (because PFPX does not build the CRJ flightplan correctly) and is: ZCL UJ5 QET UT150 DARAN with SID and expected STAR ( ZCL2A / rw02, DARA1B / DARAN / RW23R respectively) and entered in the Dep/Arr page. Because ZCL VOR for the SID sits right off the runway, the FMC thought I had passed that waypoint already so I was trying to manually put it back in on the "legs" page (fly runway heading to 7nm DME from ZCL, then turn back to intercept and cross ZCL VOR). This has always worked before, and even clicking L2 for the next waypoint and then putting it on L2 again will duplicate that waypoint and then enter a discontinue below the duplication where I can enter another waypoint in the discontinue section without a problem, but then it would be below where it needs to be.
    • Hi Folks,   Today I got the Multi Panel and tryed to fly the new CRJ700. Will Aerosoft work on updates that you can use the MultiPanel with the CRJ?     - Autopilot VS Increasing and decreasing works fine - Autopilot Knob for ALT isnt working at Multi Panel. It holds the ALT setting which is set through the Autopilot in CRJ. When In- Decreasing at CRJ, the Display at MultiPanel works fine. But setting ALT with the Knob on MultiPanel isn't working  - For IAS there is a difference of 40 cause CRJ starts to increase with start of 40 and MultiPanel with 0. Here the Knob on Multi Panel is working fine. - Flaps working fine and TRIM tooo... For HDG there is a difference of 1 degree... But here the Knob at MultiPanel is working fine too...   Regards   Markus    
    • I have MSFS from the Microsoft Store and I have the ASCRJ from the MSFS Market Place.   I DO NOT have any CTDs... And I am sure that there are plenty like me as well who just don't feel like putting a "works for me" up here.  Usually do to frustrations that turns into a negative experience for the person sharing that comment..   We are also hearing about people putting Liveries on the PMDG DC-6 and those will CTD that plane....  But again... not for everyone...   There is a "complicated" reproduction case here...     I would like to clear up one point though @Mathijs Kok    In other posts it has been made that you can NOT release updates in your alternate delivery systems until after it releases on the MSFS Market Place....  Is this information changing again and we will get updates ahead of the "approval to MP" if we go through the Aerosoft store?   Not trying to stir the pot up just want to have a clear understanding as you have posted the opposite in the past... I also totally get that information can change.    
    • Hallo Daikan,   danke für diese wichtige Präzisierung! Die "Vorzeichen-Thematik" kann man als Mitteleuropäer leicht aus den Augen verlieren ... um spätestens in West-Frankreich darüber zu stolpern.
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