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    • It's on my list for further development.
    • I really like the Aero Mexico one.  If time were unlimited, I would have made it as a default livery. 
    • Hi Aerosoft team,   I just updated my A320 Pro with the version 1240. All seems fine except the MCDU NAV/RAD page. I explain below.   In this RAD/NAV page we can enter VOR, ILS, ADF identificators.   I made a flight from Dublin to Glasgow.   I tuned first the IOM VOR. Ok , it displays corretly as attended. Note tha IOM is the only VOR known with this ident.   After that, I tuned the VOR of TRN. Sor I enter TRN in the scrachpad and click on one of the VOR fields of the MCDU (Left one). Doing this, the MCDU displays a list of VORs named all TRN (as there are many VORs named like this). I choosed the first one (by clicking the corresponding side key) and what happens, the VOR field of the NAV/RAD page remained blank. The only way to solve this is to enter the frequency of the chosen TRN VOR instead of the ident. Entering the frequency, the VOR field is updated as attended.   So there is a bug here, that were not present in version 1230.   Same problem for the ILS of Glasgow (IUU) as there are 2 ILS named like this (the one of Glasgow and another one), the ILS field cannot be updated via the ident, but also only by entering the frequency (here 110.10).   So, to sum up the problem: as soon as there are multiple objects (VOR, ILS) with the same ident (Here TRN or IUU), we cannot enter the corresponding field in the MCDU (after the choice screen),. We can only set the field by entering the corresponding frequency.   Never seen this on version 1230.   I just made a short flight from Dublin to Glasgow with the A320 (no flight plan) and noticed no other problem (Climb is Ok, approach is OK). I did not tested neither the A318/A319, nor the A321.   Thanks.   Patrice.
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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