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    • One way round this is turn the gsx estimate pax number off and just tell it each time how many to load. 
    • Hi Mathijs,   In  your response to my post  wing tips from the VC ( a330)  you suggested that  "In the real aircraft you have to really lean into the window to see it.  I think our model shows that perfectly."  I think  you should be able to see the wings without leaning much into the windows and you should see more of the wings than you actually see in the VC of the AS. I'm including here a  link to a justplanes youtube vid and a snap  of a airbus doc I found out there.   Thanks       P.s link to justplanes wing view from the cockpit        
    • Hi dave while this doesn't relate to my post I can say the same is happening to me.   For example when I fly the A320 series from you guys I fill in all the MCDU pages then once flight plan is in I import the winds into it. This gives the accurate EFOB at destination and it doesn't change more that 200KG during flight as the MCDU takes the winds into account. And predicts the time of arrival accurate even while taxing. But doing the exact same in the A330 is seems its not seeing or possible just calculating the EFOB wrong even with winds all in the MCDU. The time is also mis calculating. Seems like its possible that the MCDU is ignoring the wind input. With the A330 it tends to say I'm going to land with negative EFOB. This then creeps up to a more accurate figure. This is not the same behaviour I experience in the A320 series. It really seems like its behaving like the 320 did before we had wind input available to us. Meaning the time and EFOB were not accurate and could change alit over a long flight. I believe this guys issue is actually a bug. I have seen similar reported by others also. Look the products great and we all knew we would be reporting thing for fixing.    Kind Regards.
    • In addition to missing Range rings I noticed that route is bleeding outside of the borders for the map display. Anyway to solve this? Kinda of annoying to the eye.
    • Thanks for the information. I have this very issue and I know I turned the APU on during refueling, so it's good to know how to workaround this.
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