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    • Perhaps an Air Hong Kong/DHL EI-HEA?  Should be rather straightforward...   https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1030996/ei-hea-air-hong-kong-airbus-a330-300f/   Thank you!
    • Hello, i have an confusing failure with the frequency.   All my navigation data is on AIRAC 1908 (which shows freq 109.5) P3D 4.5 database updated with fsAerodata tool. Little Nav Map updated with Navigraph tool (shows me the P3D data with 109.5) Active Sky, Aerosoft Bus Professional, PMDG 737...all of the databases on 1908...all of them know 109.5. Stuttgart Professional installed, the charts tell me frequency 109.5.   But no one of my aircraft can receive the ILS on 109.5 When i check the ingame map of P3D, it shows a very old frequency of 110.9. And with this, i receive the ILS.   So i wanted to find out where the failure comes from. With the Airport Editor from https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html I opened the scenery folder within the Aerosoft\Stuttgart Pro folders. ILS "ISTE" and "ISTW" show both the correct frequencies 109.5 and 109.9.   So where the heck is the frequency 110.9 hidden? Must be in some other BGL files that are used by P3D for EDDS.   Again, the scenery export in Little Nav Map from the P3D database shows the correct 109.5. I can not find out where this discrepancy comes from.   As EDDS with the approach 07 from the west is my favorite arrival airport and approach...thats frustrating.   Thanks for any tipps, Jan
    • Mathijs, with all respect I don't think just because the real aircraft can sometimes show weird things, this is a proper answer for a bug we all experience. I don't think the real aircraft predicts negative fuel on destination in the middle of the cruise. That is way too off to be realistic. 
    • It worked again! Oh well, close the call is best and I'll keep an eye on it.   Thanks! Gary
    • I'm running HF2 V4.5.13.32097.   Kind Regards    Nuno Guedes 
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