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    • Hallo  Hermann, Damit meine ich alle Anordnungen  im Menü "Schalter" habe ich um umbenannt fuer die Acaze Module ,  Beameraussensicht und Monitor Cockpitsichten verschiedener Flugzeuge , Numlocks das ist nicht so aufwendig..   Ps. Mein Cockpit steht schon Jahre, nur das Problem ist  neu.   In den saueren Apfel beißen und warten bis wir wieder eingeschneit sind und Zeit haben.   Aber danke  fuer deine angebotene Hilfe.    Grüße  Hansi      
    • You know what... I updated and now I’m processing to full reinstall. Before no CTD - now CTD all the time, application issues, sound issues... never have this before.
    • I had this issue tonight, flying EINN-KJFK in the A318. Loaded 18000kg at EINN, landed at JFK with the FOB indicator and Fuel page both claiming I had 2980kg on board, except I'd had that excact value since Newfoundland, however the total fuel burned value on the Fuel page correctly indicated the burned level of 17700kg (Yes, I landed with 300kgs... I apparently need to tweak the bias in PFPX for such long distance flights). I had not run the updater, but I bought and installed the product today so this was version whatever is currently packed in the installer.    Prior to departure I had some issues with my graphics driver and used a save-file made just prior to push to avoid re-preflighting after a few sim restarts (though I had to preflight everything anyway, panel states didn't save). I also used the aircraft state page to set "ready to taxi" to expedite the departure as I had to get around to something else. I know all of these things are in general dumb decisions if you are aiming for a stable flight, but I thought I'd use this flight to see what gremlins would appear following such abuse. 
    • Line Select Key. Das ist der Fachbegriff für die Tasten rechts und links neben dem FMS Bildschirm.     Gruß