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    • In reading everyone's comments the problem stated is something similar I've encountered from time to time.  Not necessarily with the AN-2, but with other aircraft in FSXA.   Basically it boils down to the default flight and how things are setup.  In my install my default flight is with the MS Cessna in a cold and dark state.  What happens is that with some aircraft when loaded the generator is not activated properly.  The aircraft will start properly and even the switches may indicate generator power, but after a few minutes I will lose power because the generator is not functioning.  The aircraft is basically flying on battery power which soon drains causing loss of electrics to radios, etc.   The best solution I've found is to create a keyboard shortcut to turn the generator on.  I think I use Shift+C (for current).  When you start losing power in flight use the keyboard shortcut and see if the power comes back on.  BTW, I also have keyboard shortcuts for the battery and avionics as a doublecheck.   Hope that helps.  Worth a try.   --WH
    • Newly released this week!   ICAO: OBBI NAME: BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 DESIGNER: MFSG LINK:   Thanks in advance.
    • Super. 🙂
    • double checked everything I can think of. Still stuck with losing power mid flight.
    • Possible?  Sure, but likely at release? I'm guessing (and it's a guess) that no, you won't find Eurowings livery at release espeically because the engines on those aircraft are to the best of my knowledge not RR engines (they are CF6-80E1A3).    But let's remember the terrific repainters, and that in the weeks after release we will likely see many different third party repaints done.  When the A330 is released, there will be a Repaint/Livery thread where you'll be able to request liveries.  The engine type won't matter to repainters.   Best wishes!  
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