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    • hi, was wondering if i should post this here or not, since im fairly new to the aerosoft aircraft, however, ( so far ) when i see the videos and streams and things as currently im not an owner of the 330 yet, i notice the wing bend ( not flex ) but bend isnt as much as I would have liked in comparison to the real a330 especially having flown the a330 a lot IRL and watching videos on the 330 since i really love the 330. Was wondering if these pictures for a comparison would be taken into consideration for an update? In short, the wing feels rather flat while up in cruise, like there isnt much air lifting the wing up, especially at the tip of the wing. -> thanks and keep up the hard work.
    • The performance is fine, you did a great job on this topic, but:   OMG please don't put a cartoon there.. There is so much left out in an Aerosoft version of an aircraft (absolutely no offence, I know the pricing) that someone sitting there who would be within your pricing level would NOT increase any reaslim.. I was about to ask how to stop these annoying automatic tables to extend and found that idea with a 3D figure being placed there?! Without the option to throw him out?? Please don't do that. This simulator simply can't handle that. The only acceptable "co-pilot" was Heidi in the A2A Cub. She didn't touch anything, was seen mainly from behind and just made strange comments. But a natural looking and moving co-pilot would kill more than 5FPS. Probably more than the airbus.      Why stop the automatic tables? Because the airplane won't extend them on its own. Leave them clickable and that's the maximum realism you look for. I wanted to do some touch and goes and those tables and foot rest coming out at FL70 drove me crazy.    The airplane is made really well, not much to complain about considering that it's been released 2 days ago and your quick reaction on the flight controls. But neither do I understand nor do I share the Aerosoft humour of getting a cup of coffee (without a 3D FA entering the flight deck) or similar things. Sometimes it's really better to add an "off" button. Same goes to the EFB. It's pretty much useless and probably eating up frames when one has an iPad with charts and weather on it and just hinders me to click the nosewheel disc button. A possibility to simply dismount it would really be appreciated, I'm sure the textures are modules that can be attached or removed easily via the CDU.  
    • It's the basic "tomato-bright.ini" preset, which comes directly with TS
    •      i get this problem when i open the A330 fuelplanner 
    • i have a feeling its to do with the CofG of the aircraft. i use the mcdu 3 for setup that defaults to 0.8up trim no matter what i put in there. just coming into land at GOBD then i will report the bugs/issues i found
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