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    • Thanks Marcus and Liamr685   I have just successfully flown the same test flight that CTD 3 times before (LFPD-KBOS - 7+ hrs). This time I updated my Navigraph simlink to v1.1.14.0524 released today. This update fixes the failure to authenticate the Navigraph account, resulting in frequent re-logins that are incorrectly needed and red error messages on the EFB. I believe that the Navigraph authentication error may have started with me around the same time as I started getting the D3D10warp.dll CTDs, but not sure if it is or could be connected.    However, this is only the first positive test outcome and we have all seen a few successful flights and then a CTD just when we though it was resolved.   I will keep testing and definitely keep your suggestions in mind if the CTD re-occurs.   Cheers    Tom
    • Check the name of the STARS eg on the Navdata pro chart the STAR from XAMAM (North East) is called the GODLU 1K .. whereas the new STAR on Navigraph is called XAMAM 1X ....the STAR from KONAN is now the KONAN 1C ..on Navdata pro its still the older GODLU1C   the star from BEDEK is now the BEDEK 1C not the GODLU 1A etc etc
    • I've got the same issue in the A330, I don't have any shaders, all default.    yes, running HDR active.    pls help!
    • It’s exactly the same and latest chart that is available at the Lido viewer I’ve just checked it.   My Best Regards
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