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FSX Soaring Videos

A place to submit links to your video and discussion on the submitted videos.

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    • Habs hinbekommen. Danke für eure Hilfe Daikan und Frithjof.     Habs hinbekommen. Danke für eure Hilfe Daikan und Frithjof    
    • Tracking Mop and Alfa!…..Alfa , I did have tested already the PMDG x2 (747&NGX) and worked excellent. The only weird new thing that took place was excessive flickering or quick flashings on the screen. I will consult this one with PD3 Techs. Thanks both for the advise. Will review, test and post feedback on results later.   FRL
    • Thanks Alex for the suggestion,   DDE is in continous development and we have plans for it moving forward. Might not happen with Genf, but there will be more stuff coming in the future and it is actually already capable of way more than is being used right now.
    • Btw, I thought about something with your new DDE.   You can disable it with one click. Maybe you could set some options so the user can chose to force rwy lights ON ? Can be useful at any airport, regardless of the weather or time of day. You could even set some options to for instance chose the runway exits that are lit.
    • I have not experienced any issues with the 320/321 at least. I like the immersion factor. But, I still hope MS builds in such features from start. I think they will go for immersion and this is probably part of it.   Personally I love the co-pilot and I really hope Aerosoft sticks with it, even for the MS versions of the addons. Yes, FS2Crew is even better but I never felt compelled to buy it for the buses, the built in is good enough for me. For those who can't fly online, this is a great immersion factor. Some say it is a good tutorial but personally I like the illusion of having a co-pilot since you would never ever fly these beasts alone :).    I just wish they add it to the CRJ some day, would make me breathe easier in landings :D.
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