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    • Nope nothing, I did everything as I always do but I recognized this behaviour since the last update (before I've never had this problem)
    • Starting another flight, the problem did not happen. 
    • Hi. Thanks for the fix for P3D v4. However I had a problem when trying to land at EHRD a few days ago. I was trying to land on the ILS for rwy 24. The documentation that comes with the scenery explains that the ILS frequencies for both runways have been changed to 111.9 to avoid a conflict with the nearby Valkenburg air base. I was flying Flight1's King Air, I have a subscription to Navigraph with the latest AIRAC, and I also have a subscription to fsAerodata which was also up to date. The King Air's navaid database is updated with every AIRAC. My plane would not recognise 111.9. I tried the real life 110.9, but that didn't work either. I was forced to try to land manually in foggy conditions with a clouds OVC at 200 ft!!  According to Navigraph's charts the correct frequencies are 110.9 for 24 (identifier RSV) and 109.1 for 06 (identifier ROS). These are also the frequencies showing for EHRD on the King Air's G1000. However if you open the P3D map window you will find that the frequency for 06 is as per the charts, but the frequency for 24 is 108.3 (identifier RD). The G1000 finds this frequency immediately.  I really don't understand what's going on here. The published frequencies for the scenery don't work, and neither does the real life frequency for 24. Where does the frequency 108.3 come from? Did you make any changes to the frequencies with your fix?   Cheers.   Adrian
    • Hey guys, Recently I tried to open some websites that require Flash with the EFB browser,but even if I had Flash installed on my computer,the website couldn't work properly and asked me to install Flash. Could anyone tell me how to fix this?(or it's just a bug lol?) Thanks a lot!
    • Hi! Your browser on iPad or any other mobile device should remember the session after one login. Also use shortcodes  In any already logged in NDP app go to settings and click Get shortcode. You can then use this code instead of serial to login.   As for touch inputs I've just pushed an update for web client today. Should be way more pleasant to use it with touch now. This was something I missed during original development because there were apps. But don't worry, mobile apps will be back and better than before  just give us time.
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