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    • Dear Support-Team,   i own the A320 family since this week and today i started with the Step-by-Step Tutorial flight (after reading it already completely through to get an overview). It is the flight from EDDF Frankfurt to EGLL Heathrow with an A319.   Now i face some differences from the Cockpit Situation to what is written in the tutorial:   1) there are some differences between the Checklist-Function and the checklist points mentioned in the document - but ok, i follow the ingame-checklist of course.   2) Loading the Plane: In the tutorial, its mentioned the A319 has 124 Pax  - but i can load more than 150... ok, no problem so far. But im curious: Why is there such a difference?   3) I load the company route as mentioned in the tutorial (FRALHR1). Contrary to the tutorial, the SID and Star is already programmed, i did not have to add them manually. The STAR in EGLL is already programmed for runway 09L (in the tutorial i should fly to 27L). I decided to try with the predefined company route and did not change the STAR. But i have an discontinuity after Waypoint LAM, there is an "MANUAL" entry. Tutorial says, delete the discontinuity (clear in the MCDU scratchpad, then click on the respective button). But i can not delete it. Why? For me as a newbie, these little discrepancies between document and cockpit make it difficult to understand this very important part of MDCU programming. So i aborted my first flight now because i could not eliminate this flightplan discontinuity.   Any hints for me?   Regards, Jan  
    • Okay, I think it was already in place since then Thank you for your answer 
    • The open beta for CFD should start on april 1st.  I suppose an update will be released for that purpose
    • Hello, I have exactly the same problem. When I click on "Connection", the simulator crash. Thanks for your help
    • Hello, I followed your publication out of my P3DV4.4 crash as soon as I clicked Connection  even at my friend's he does exactly the same thing are P3D4.4 direct plant  is there a solution?  Thank you.  
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