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    • I tired to copy and paste but I cannot click the blue buttons?   I don't get a  regular point cursor, I get a tiny hand?
    • Glad you solved it!
    • Thank you guys, it seems to be the ZFW was incorrect in my FMC it is solved tks for the help!
    • hi guys. the runway is like this.. i need help..  Already removed the . bgl files and the files in ORBX vector and continuous the problem...
    • Have you guys checked the FMA? He’s in TOGA LK.     To the original poster - somewhere along the line you’ve climbed too steeply or gotten too slow, or both. The airplane is trying to keep you from stalling by going to full thrust and keeping the nose up.    What you’ll need to do is lower the nose to gain speed. You want to get your airspeed above the yellow band. Then, when you have enough speed, you have to unlock your throttles by turning off autothrust, pulling the thrust levers back, then returning them to the climb setting and turning the autothrust  back on. The airplane will the. Go back to following your flight plan.    Look up “alpha floor” and “toga lock” (or “toga lk”) in the documentation.    Matthijs is right - the step-by-step guide will take you through all the normal procedures.     Hope this helps. 
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