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    • Ok, had a look into the Avatar parts in V4.5 (is the same as in V5). The following step explain, what to do to use a Avatar beside the Aircraft to make your walkaround with it:   1.) Doublecheck, that the Enable Avatar Mode checkbox is selected und Options -> General       2.) While you select the Aircraft Vehicle, you can select the Avatar you want to use above the list (in V5 it is below as Mathijs shows on his screenshot)     3.) Check via Option -> Conrolls for the Key Assignments (1), enter in Search "Avatar" (2) and then check the Keycombi assigned to "Attach/Detach Avatar" (3), per default it is Ctrl+Shift+E     3.) When you sit in the cockpit, you now can press the the Keycombi (Ctrl+Shift+E) and the Avatar you select in Step 2 is generated beside the aircraft and you can now make your walkaround the aircraft. When you press the Keycombi again, you get back in the cockpit and the avatar is removed.   I hope it helps and is what you have search for.
    • Hello Patrick,   best way I think ist to delete all navdata files from the Custom Data folder. Then make an update of X-Plane 11 with this installer: https://www.x-plane.com/kb/out-of-date/   Then run NavDataPro to actualize your Custom Data Folder with the actual NavData.   But first configure your NavDataPro exactly as described here (its good for most aircrafts): https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/126378-navdatapro-x-plane-11/  
    • I am having this problem that landing lights do not illuminate ground. Looking from the outside I can barely see some light on the ground. Inside cockpit everything looks correct.   So far I have checked that Dynamic LIghting is on, Effects are enabled on medium. I am not having this problem with any other aircraft in v5.   Any help would be appreciated   Screenshots:  
    • Hello ... welcome here with X-Plane 11.. best way is to first install the simulator X-Plane 11. Then connect the yoke System with the USB to your computer. Then configure your Yoke with the X-Plane 11 Menu - Settings - Joystick. Here you find some instructions for that: https://www.x-plane.com/manuals/desktop/#configuringflightcontrols Most times you don't need an extra driver for the Yoke/Joystick. Greets Heinz
    • Ok, sehen ob ich daraus schlau werde, scheint doch recht kompliziert. Und ich hänge noch ein Bild mit Plugin Configuration, ist das richtig so? (Das ist das Bild, das im Handbuch etwas änderst aussieht)
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