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    • hello sir, i set up a flight in the vicinity of istanbul and as u see in photos efis option doesnt make any change in nd screen i just can see active vor in my nd screen
    • Bei dir ist es genauso, da fehlt die ganze Stadt. So Stellen kenne ich in Europa viele wo fast kein Autogen ist obwohl es da sein müsste  
    • I could not say anything to about PMDG 737 or the nordic airports. But I checked Gran Canaria, as I think the sim-wings Gran Canaria Pro is used here. With the Aerosoft Airbus all the runway and Taxiways are illuminated as expected, the default P3D aircrafts like the C130 also light the ground, but less then the Airbus, which depents on the effect configs of the taxi/runwaylight effects used by the aircrafts, which are different in this cases. Keep in mind, that there is no real light in the P3D existing, the dynamic light effect is only a rendering „trick“ where in the area of the configured light effect zone, the night and the daycolors of the pixels are mixed, based on the configured intensity and maybe „colored“ by the RGB values given for the light in the effect config. When the ground is very dark, like a asphalt runway, this keeps relativ dark even after the mix of both. The calculation of this process seams to be variate with any release of P3D since 5.0, as we have need to reduce the values for the apron dynlights in relation to V4.5 in 5.0 already, as all was to bright. So maybe the effect configs of the aircraft landinglights needs to be reconfigured too, but maybe increase in this case. From the scenery side, there is nothing we can change, as the textures are as they must be for the looking and not have „parameters“ for the dynlights.
    • Today I have updated the buses to version through the Aerosoft Updater application and by making this update the RealLight and TrueGlass programs have been updated for each aircraft. I hoped that this installation would solve the problems that have motivated this Forum topic but I observe that everything continues the same. After that update and with the new TrueGlass and RealLight programs, is there something I should do to solve the problem ??? If the answer is negative ... why does Aerosoft update these programs in version if they do not solve anything? Thanks a lot   J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
    • Hello.   I'm the proud owner of all you Airbuses, A318/19/20/21 and A330, now on the A330 the speed brake movement is nice and fluid with the left click and drag movement to operate it, it's not too sensitive and you can easily get an accurate desired position. However on all the other buses i.e A318/19/20/21 the speed brake lever is very sensitive to the mouse drag movements and as such isn't as nice to use as it is on the A330.   Can we get the smaller buses speed brakes to operate as nice as the A330 please?   Thanks.
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