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    • Yes, the CRJ navigation data belongs into the "Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData" folder.   Nevertheless you must not point the FMS Data Manager on that folder but on the one I mentioned above. It will then (and only then) place the navigation data into the correct folder.  
    • No, it won't run properly.
    • I might have missed this post but do correct me, will this product support time acceleration for the long haul flights? (Such as 8x or 16x)
    • What will be the correct zoom/pov in the 330. In the FSX i used 0.18. When I switched to p3d 4.5 i cannot go below .30 for some reason using EZdok.  I feel like using .30 is too zoomed in while in the Virtual Cockpit view. What is a realistic zoom factor when sitting in the virtual Cockpit of the Airbus 330    Thank you very much
    • Just to help.  I had the same issue with a CTD at KGRR Landing 17. In the EFB, I selected "Nearest Airports" and KGRR after landing and exiting on the hi-speed at Bravo. Flight was fine, did not load a flight plan so the ORIG DEST airports were not loaded.  that is why I selected Nearest Airports I am using: Navigraph Charts latest Patch to the CRJ Prof P3D V4.5 HF2 AS 2016 ASCA REX Environment Force Ezdok UTLive ORBX Vector, Global, trees etc   Loving the plane - thanks for working through the bugs.   Rick
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