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    • Hi, I've observed that every time I load a flight in progress with the CRJ, the ADG (air driven generator / ram air turbine) is deployed. It doesn't prevent the resumption of the flight (after correcting a few minor settings in the cockpit that don't get restored) but it does result in the annoying whine of the ADG for the remainder of the flight. As expected, there is no way to store the ADG in-flight since this can only be done on the ground. I am using version of the CRJ Professional with Prepar3D v4.5.   Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to prevent this from happing when loading a flight?   Thanks for any advice.   - Bob
    • Well Sagieh, technically you could have it sent to Israel if you register with a specialised post-forwarding service such as Easy-Delivery ( :   They offer a service where they give you a physical post address in France, so you can order from any French physical shop and from most European online shops too. Your order is delivered to Easy Delivery's warehouses and then forwarded to your address in Israel. Also, on most destinations they offer you a choice between multiple carriers (like UPS, DHL, Chronopost International, etc..).   However, making a simulation for shipping to Israel with a weight of 0.5 kg, it seems it is quite expensive, about €44... (see   So in your case, it might be more sensible to buy the digital edition, or wait for the physical edition to be available in your country 🙂 
    • Just a small update,   The printer works just fine, so I'm confident that the information in my post above will lead you to the solution my friend.  Please send me the information I requested, but I also would perform another complete uninstall and reinstall, being careful not to skip any of the steps.  If you have any questions about the procedure then I would stop and seek assistance.  The last thing we want is for you to be grounded and frustrated!    Being careful not to miss any steps, Here is what I'd like you to do:   1. Ensure your Windows User Account belongs to the Administrator group (has Administrator access rights). Delete any of the Aerosoft Airbus P3Dv4  product installers you may have on your system and download all of the Aerosoft Airbus for P3Dv4 product installers again. 2. Take note of the location where you have the Aerosoft Airbus P3Dv4 products installed to. 3. Uninstall all Aerosoft Airbus P3Dv4 products. 4. Reboot. 5.  Using the Windows Explorer check the location where you previously had the Aerosoft Airbus p3Dv4.5  product(s) installed to, looking for any files / data which may still be present. If there are any folders /files reminding, please zip those folders/files and upload in your response for assessment. Alternatively you can upload to file hosting service.  After this, you can delete the files. 6. Disable  your computer security, including Windows Defender. All beta are off until unless you can be 100% certain all of your computer security is disabled during the installation process. 7. Be sure to run all Installers as "Administrator". 8. Starting with the A318/A319, then the A320/A321 and finally the A330, install each Airbus product you own.  Be sure to install in the prescribed order.  You do not need to reboot in between each installation.  If you select Install RAAS for one product. recommend doing so for each Airbus Product. 9. After you have successful run each installer for the products you have purchased, reboot your computer. 10. Launch P3Dv4.5HF3 as Adminstrator, select the Aerosoft Airbus A321, Delta Livery and launch into airport your choice.  Once the aircraft has fully loaded, close P3D.  Note any errors of any type with the aircraft or with P3D. 11. If there were no errors in Step 10 (above ), ensure your computer security is still disabled and then launch the Aerosoft Updater as Administrator, select each Aerosoft product you have purchased for which there is an update available in order, starting with the A318/A319, next the A320/A321 and finally the A330. 12. After completing the update for each product you have purchased, reboot. 13. If you prefer, update your NavData. 14. Launch the the Airbus Configurator, select the NavData you intend to use, if you have a graphics card equal to or greater than a GTX 900 Series or better de-select "Force ECAM Software Rendering".  NOTE:  If you are running P3D on a laptop then you will have to test to determine if you need that box checked or not (if you can't read text in the Airbus then you know  you need this box selected).  Then select "Use default printer" box on the right side of the Configurator window. 15. Start the Aerosoft Airbus Fuel Planner and then set / select the following (and ONLY the following):         a. Select "Switch to Advanced Mode".        b.  Ensure the A321 is selected.        c. Set PAX to 180.        d.  Cargo = 2000 kg.        e.  Total (fuel) in the lower right hand corner:  12,000 kg, and then press "Enter" on  your keyboard (you have to press the "enter" key).        f.  Adjust CoG = DOWN 2.0.        g.  Select "Generate Loadsheet".        h.  Select "Exit" in the Fuel Planner.   13. Launch P3Dv4.5HF3 as Administrator, select the Aerosoft Airbus A321, Delta Livery, and launch into airport your choice.  14. Open MCDU#3 (the settings MCDU). 15. MCDU#3:  Set Aircraft State to TURN AROUND STATE. 16. After the aircraft system stablize, select "LOAD/FUEL", select "INIT>LOADSHEET" and after 2 seconds verify the following figures load:        a. PAX = 180.        b. Cargo = 2.        c. Fuel = 12.00        d. ZFW / ZFWCG = 67.4 / 36.5        e. TRIM = DN-2.0          If the figures above are accurate the proceed to Step 17.  If not, take a screen shot or otherwise note the inaccuracies and provide in your response.   17. Select "LOAD INSTANT" (you may have to select this twice to load the aircraft) and check to see if the Printer prints and ejects paper.  Also check MCDU#3 Center Column verify the "ACT" (Actual) values are as follows:        a. PAX = 180.        b. Cargo = 2.        c. Fuel = 12.00.        d. TOQ/MAX = 93.50 (this value should be constant).        e. TOW/ACT = 79.42.             If the figures above are accurate the proceed to Step 17.  If not, take a screen shot or otherwise note the inaccuracies and provide in your response.   18.  Fuel displayed on the Upper ECAM should be 12000 KG.             Whew!  That's a LOT of typing on this end, I hope it helps!  Please let me know.            
    • HI   I love to see SAS CRJ900 with new colors. Can someone make a livery?   Tnx
    • There is no Add ons menu in FSX SteamEdition from my search.  Also I ended up paying for a overpriced (imo) (Coming from a racing sim mod price perspective, which has a much more complicated physics and modeling engine )  Steam Edition DLC Carenaco Cessna 172 skyhawk 2 ,Too match the template , will the template still work for the default Cessna ? which I think is much better than the Over priced mod (just my opinion ) ? Cheers
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