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If you want to organize some flight together, this is the place.

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    • My thoughts. Good but some Adjustments needed. Volume Adjustment for Engine and Electrics Shutdown. The new Sound Sequence kicks in to loud. Touchdown Impact is a litte bit to loud, too. Missing Engine Sound for Right Engine Start Up with Prop Lever Back. Engine reaches Idle RPM and goes quite as phjaap noticed. Sound comes back with Prop Lever forward.   For me, the Prop Volume inside the Cockpit could have a little bit more Bass and Volume.   One find not everyone will notice. Depence on your Sound Systeme and your ability to here high Frequencies. Every time when going from Outside View into Cockpit View, there is a high pitched Turbine Like Tone, slowly rising up in Frequency.  Not very loud but noticeable.
    • I know Mathijs it's an old Workhorse. Funny Thing is that I get with most settings Ultra, GXR Pro and FSLTL Traffic, about 20 to 25 FPS in Fenix 320, FBW3x, PMDG 737-700 and DC 6, and many more. I guess those are High End Products and they work flawlessly.  
    • Hallo Horst,   gerne. Natürlich macht es auch Sinn die Daten aktuell zu halten. Da hast Du schon recht.   Viele Grüße Matthias
    • Kann ich das auch verschieben?   Jedenfalls habe ich die Lösung schon gefunden. mit der Configurator Anleitung von Heinz. Linker Wahlschalter INTFCU_selector string und Variable definieren Inner rotary knob = IDR anstelle von CRS outer rotray knob = ODR anstelle von IAS rechter Drehknopf mit Condition für increase und decrease und die bezugnehmenden Datarefs als Variablen. Und den IAS button als cursor. Das G1000 als Fenster auf das Ipad als zweiten Monitor gesetzt und es funktioniert super and somit mousefree 🙂 Das Problem war nur die Bedienung des Drehknopfs. Das geht mit dem Finger nicht gut. Da nun im X Plane 12 menu, joystick, und mit dem Dataref Tool fast alle Variablen zu finden sind, geht das configurieren viel leichter als unter XP11.    
    • The knocking Sound is more like someone is opening a Door in the Background. The Engines are stopped at this point. Where should the oscillation came from? And there is more like a heavy Breathing (once) and someone is moving around in a Seat and doing some Paperwork. You have to wait the whole Shutdown Sequence to notice them.  If you switch Views or End the Flight to early, you didn't notice them. And if you switch to the Outside View, the Cockpit Sound Shutdown Sequence is stopped. Switch Off the Electrics, change the View to Outside View and go back to Cockpit View immediately, the Cockpit is silent. Anyway, the Sounds are better as before.
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