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    • Hi DarkBasic, click with the left mouse button several times on:
      the DIM button --- > DIM MCDU Display
      the BRT button ----> BRIGHT MCDU Display
      May be that you have saved this condition with MCDU 2 ?   Greeting Martin
    • Hi Joe,   It wasn't actually a screenshot, but it was just a link to the Frankfurt 1.10 update thread, which is the thread I accidentally posted in before.   Yeah, thanks, I actually did that the other day.  I had updated to the beta with the updater, but was experiencing CTDs with my first two flights.  I downloaded from XPlane.org where I purchased it and got the latest stable version and reinstalled from scratch.  Unfortunately I also had a CTD with my next flight.  It seems to be a silent close, as I get no error reprts or messages, but that may be due to my new Windows 10 setup.  I'm not sure if Windows error reporting is set up.  I will have to go through and disable plugins to see if there is a conflict there.  The problem is each CTD has occurred well in to the flight at cruising altitude, so I can't test really quickly.   Cheers,
    • I Totally agree with the above. the predicted TOD is incorrect. all my other modules predict TOD very early despite the aircraft type and size for the same route and weather. even PFPX predict the TOD early for the A320.   I suspect the issue is somewhere in the vertical profile calculations that affect managed speeds, TOC and TOD.  
    • Hi Othello, dann werde ich die mal Enable und dann mal schauen.   Vielen dank an euch alle für die Hilfe.   Mfg Oliver
    • The numbers we use in the fuelplanner are based on the default factory configuration of an Airbus. Depending what airlines order, you might see different values regarding pax numbers and fuel.