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    • Maybe it is not related, but in Marcus67's example, in the fmgs.log, the default v speed V1 is 128, as per the problematic managed speed of 128 knots happened during cruise. And strangely, when the problem begun, in the prediction engine logs, the CLL one disappears.   If we had a little bir more info for reading the logs, some geek sim pilots may analyze the logs better.   For example the values for FlightParams, PSDs etc.   My best.
    • Thanks GIELVDV for your detailed post.   This is the managed speed topic. Is you problem about the managed speed dropping to very low values, or steep descent?    If it is steep descent, I think this is the wrong topic to post it. Maybe someone moves the topic over to the right one.
    • Thank you, I too would like to disable the automatic doors.  (GSX v1 user myself.)
    • This is why I will continue to buy your products... Great responses, service and great products!!! Thanks!!!
    • Are you running P3Dv4.4?   Have you downloaded the most recent installer?  It will be in your store account where you purchased the product.   If you're using Windows 10, have you kept it up to date?
      What I can tell you is that there isn't a problem with the installer, as thousands of people have successfully installed the product.  With that said, something on your computer seems to hanging up when you attempt to install the product.  I know that doesn't make you feel any better, and I'm very sorry for that, it's just what it is.   It's a low probability for most people, but there is a type of Malware out there which interferes with software installations (because it tries to do something which isn't right).  Are you running computer security, and if so have you run a deep scan of your computer?  Again, this is low probabilty, but stick this one in the back of your head in case there is no other solution.   Finally, if you have no luck with the latest installer after ensuring Windows is up to date, then you may want to put in a Support Ticket, but please try the above first as it will be faster for you.   I hope this was helpful to you.  Best wishes!