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    • Hi,   I am not a programmer and I may be approaching this the wrong way! Here’s where I am so far :   I currently have my profile setup for an aircraft and pretty much everything is working fine. I have one of the 7 flip switches set to change the  INT:FCU_SELECTOR variable to either LIGHTS or BARO This allows me to program the right rotary dial to do all the normal AP stuff and also adjust Light brightness or barometer settings using that flip switch.   What I was wondering :   If i could create a new internal variable called for example INT:MODIFIER I could then use the toggle switch to set this to 1 or 0 This would allow me to use the left rotary dial with modifier on or off and then double the options on that while using only one Toggle switch.   Hope the above makes sense? Maybe there is another way to do it other than use up more toggle switches??   Thanks all!   James
    • View File CRJ1000 AIR NOSTRUM - EC-MUG - LEVANTE UD - HIGH QUALITY- MSFS Hello !   This repaint is  for Aerosoft CRJ1000 MSFS in AIR NOSTRUM EC-MUG   -   LEVANTE UD .   High quality 4k , High details .   Installation instructions included in the folder.   Screenshots in MSFS   Texture by Loïc LOURDEL. Submitter Loïc Lourdel Submitted 06/29/22 Category CRJ1000  
    • Thanks for your reply. I am looking for a manager program to upgrade CDU. Downloading Firmware Looking for how to apply the next upgrade.
    • There is already a fine Den Helder: https://flightsim.to/file/985/ehkd-den-helder-de-kooy-airpot
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