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    • Being careful about what i'm saying as i've been testing MFS for a long time now, to sum it up, it will be worth it. Will it be the best home flight sim currently out there? Without a doubt. Will it blow the others out of the water, XP and P3D? Without question. If we're talking about the unenhanced, out of the box standard version of MFS.   As has been alluded to already, as an avid flyer of P3D, i've invested heavily into my chosen flight sim, with ORBX, with Aerosoft and a few other companies. Only when i run these addons in P3D 4.5, (not v5 as i've already uninstalled that due to the insane amount of issues with it), can i get my virtual world to resemble what comes out of the box in MFS as standard. The attention to detail is staggering in the new sim and most people will be happy with most of the sim from the outset.   That being said, there is always room for improvement, and thankfully Microsoft have left the door open for 3rd party developers like Aerosoft and ORBX and all the others to do their thing and enhance the world even more with their fine products. There are areas that need enhancing, airports primarily which already look amazing in a lot of areas, but if you want perfection and 'as close as it gets' style sceneries, you have to go to the 3rd party developers to get your fix, and i for one will be quite happy to do so, as without being rude, that's what they are here for.   Bear in mind for those thinking you will get absolute perfection with MFS, you won't, but you will get a sim that's as close to it as it can possibly be, straight out of the box. I've seen the improvements from the first alphas, all the way up to the current beta, and it's very impressive i have to say. I've already got my copy, just waiting for the 18th so my name will disappear from the screen when flying, and i can finally enjoy the biggest leap forward in flightsims since home flight simulators first came out. Get your wallets ready people, it will be worth the wait.
    • Sorry for missing the your reply and reply to you almost after 1 month as I am busy on my work in the previous month.  It isn't happened every time and I can't take a specific screenshots as I don't know how come it was happened or what I have done leading to this issue happen during some of the flight. I just finished a flight with the exactly same thing happened but I can't take the screenshot before the issue happened and only the 1 or 2 screenshot were captured which is being attached with this reply. It was happened on the smaller busses and I don't know if that also happen on the A330 as I don't own one. A320-232 logfile
    • Please read the last post why you should always load a default aircraft first:   Wolfgang  
    • Some follow-up questions to start troubleshooting: Which sim? I can guess 4.5 based on the color scheme, but others might not. Have you run a calibration in the recent past on your TWCS Throttle to ensure all the way back is zero? Your null zone and sensitivity settings are quite different than shown in Volume 1, page 37 (might be a page or so off) of the manuals. Please review that section as well as Volume 9 to see more advice. Does holding down the F1 key (=idle thrust) help? 
    • We have a dedicated area of the forum for the A3xx Professional Airbusses, so I moved this for you. While you're there, please take a look around so you'll know where to post if you have any other issues.
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