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What CPU is best, Is my 1040 GPU fast enough, do I really need 32 Gb of memory?

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    • Hello everyone, I'm looking for help from the community (or Aerosoft, but I don't expect them to spend ressources helping me with this). I've been searching on the forums and I cannot find someone that already asked for what I want to do specifically. I understand the airports for the CRJ are filtered so runway length is sufficient for safe operations, however I find myself wanting to add "eligible" airports to that database. For example, airports that existed in the past or still exist but are no longer in use, mostly for the puspose of flying the CRJ with fseconomy (which runs on a very outdated database). MUSA is a good example, it has/had a 11,799 feet longest runway and 2 shorter but still over 7,000 feet long. It's also easily usable with MSFS.   I've figured some of the datapoints in the airports.txt file, but I still struggle to understand them all. Here is a sample of what a simple airport looks like (no ILS, no VOR/waypoints or markers) :  .../Community/aerosoft-crj/Data/NavData/airports.txt A,MUGM,GUANTANAMO BAY NAS /,19.90650,-75.20700,60,18000,18000,8000,0 R,10,100,8002,200,0,0.000,0,19.90683,-75.21867,60,0.00,50,0,0 R,28,280,8002,200,0,0.000,0,19.90633,-75.19533,48,0.00,50,0,0   Line by line : A,MUGM,GUANTANAMO BAY NAS /,19.90650,-75.20700,60,18000,18000,8000,0 A to designate Airport line MUGM is the ICAO code of the airport GUANTANAMO BAY NAS / is the name of the airport 19.90650 is the north component of the airport coordinates -75.20700 is a west component of the airport coodinates 60 is the field elevation 18000 ?????? 18000 ?????? 8000 is the longest runway? 0 ??????   R,10,100,8002,200,0,0.000,0,19.90683,-75.21867,60,0.00,50,0,0 R to designate Runway line 10 is the runway number 100 is the runway heading 8002 is the runway length 200 ?????? 0 ??? Looks like an indication of a landing system (when 1, the runway line is followed by a L line designating an ILS) 0.000 A frequency for the landing system (when runway has ILS, it's the same as the freqency in the following L line) 0 ??? Looks like the heading for the landing system is present 19.90683 is the north component of the runway threshold -75.21867 is the west component of the runway threshold 60 is the field elevation (I guess at the threshold) 0.00 ??? Looks like an angle for the approach vertical guidance 50 ?????? 0 ?????? 0 ??????   Same data for the 3rd line being another (R) runway line for the reciprocal runway.   I have managed to add MUSA to the database by adding the following lines, getting the data from skyvector : A,MUSA,SAN ANTONIO CUSTM,22.52010,-82.31030,164,0,0,11800,0 R,05,56,11800,151,0,0.000,0,22.51082,-82.52230,164,0.00,50,0,0 R,23,236,11800,151,0,0.000,0,22.52232,-82.30640,164,0.00,50,0,0 The FMC now recognizes MUSA, however it looks like it is not placed quite properly and it does not recognize the runway length. In the map picture, the aircraft is sitting on the runway at MUSA. There is some offset between the coordinates entered in the airports.txt file and what the FMC shows (and that applies to other airports already in there). My guess is that it has to do with either projection method or magnetic variance, the offset differs from airport to airport. That also means I cannot use the aircraft as a measuring device to get the correct coordinates (or I havent figured how).   I may be missing lots of obvious things here, so feel free to correct and enlighten me, I will be most appreciative.
    • I am a new user to X-Plane 11 and also to Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo.  My problem is in attempting to program the autopilot selector switch and the Decr Incr functions.  After setting the switch Variable Name to "INT:SELECTOR,string" and the Value to "ALT" or "HDG", I 'apply changes' and Close.  When I reopen these settings I find the Variable Name in each case is truncated to "INT".  Note that I have only populated these two functions (HDG and ALT) for expediency.  I have been wrestling with this for most of the day so any help would be appreciated. Note to the Moderators:  If I  have posted this in the wrong section please correct and accept my apologies. Respectfully, Richard
    • I have checked its not an ORBX issue with. I do have TE installed by never have it on at the same time as EGLL. Plus I have checked the files extensilevy and its not possible for there to be a orbx conflict, unless the file isnt EGLL. At which point I cant it. Eitherway other than aerosoft the only other EGLL is for MSFS.
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